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  • Larry Sands - I learned how I ambient cheated out of the real good health that is available with the proper knowledge of ...

    This BookHas Changed My Life. Reading this book taught me the facts about big pharma and the Supplements industry and the chemistry. This illuminated the dark corners of hidden fcts which drive the monetary machine behind it all and the science apart from the marketing. I learned how I ambient cheated out of the real good health that is available with the proper knowledge of the human body and the chemistry that underlies the body's ability to heal.

  • Abby - Excellent online components, confusing explanations

    The real value in this book is the online practice materials that come with it. Kaplan offers a variety of quizzes for both the quantitative and verbal sections, actual multi-stage practice tests, and even a quiz bank for customized studying. There are also some nice little videos about stress management and grad school application. All of this is included in the purchase of the book, and you have access to the online stuff for a year.

  • Phlakester - Pooptacular

    So I keep debating about 4 or 5 stars. On one hand, it's great. My poops are better and cleaner, however, it hasn't helped with my chronic constipation, which I thought it would. Additionally, my husband doesn't like that he has to take off some of his pants to sit appropriately with the squatty. I've also tripped on the darn thing. That being said, I'm not sure it could be designed much better than it is. I just don't think it's enough of a miracle worker to give it the full 5 stars.

  • Rosie - There are way better thrillers out there.

    This book has a promising premise and the story keeps the reader engrossed, but reading it reminded me of watching a rugby scrum: stuff just keeps piling on top of other stuff till there's one big, muddy mess. Plus, there are enough twists and turns to give the reader vertigo. Too many characters are portrayed one way and then conveniently end up being something other than they appear in order to satisfy the shifting plot. The ending is a total waste of paper too. The novel could have and should have ended at least one chapter before this.

  • Michael - best on the market, 2015

    I had the current years version of Acronis, for 5 years now. It lost the 'try and decide' feature this year. And that is a BIG sad point. Ii guess a 'virtual machine', is a bit o much code to keep the prices as low as they are. I looked at similar 'virtual machine' software. And it was upwards of $100. But besides that. Acronis is the best backup software going. Even with the SAD point, there is still enough GOOD point, to keep a smile.