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  • Andy - Cartridge seems to be doing fine so far

    Cartridge seems to be doing fine so far. Not much use on that machine since replacing the toner. Copies are crisp and clear. Very happy customer at this point. If this experience holds, I will switch all of my toner orders to LD products.

  • cpeters - A great product

    I lost 15 pounds while using this product within a month but I don't want to just say it was all because of the product I have been working out as well as eating healthy. By following the right of trying to lose weight plus this supplement you will reach your goals !

  • Alysha - So Many FLAKES

    By the of the day it looked like Christmas on my shoulders smh. Now I have a jar that I cant do anything with. Def not good for my hair

  • kate johnson - Juice Plus

    I have tried Juice Plus for about 6 months. I did not find any significant changes or benefits. It is pretty expensive. I returned my second shipment.

  • Socal Hop Head - Macgyver

    Ripped through the front pocket of my dockers and broke two of my toes in the process. Not recommended for daily carry. I still haven't figured out how to use the fork and knife at the same time. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • Susan R. Ventura - NOT AS EXPECTED..........

    Buying this book, thinking, WOW someone can tell us what supplement is actually a good value....and show proof also... well, i bought the Milk Thistle that was promoted in the book, and it states"does not contain fillers such as soy, etc" so, I buy it. The same brand, same strength, and guess what? it does have EXACTLY what the book states it does not! So.I then try to find the testing results from his labratory of choice to prove what is in these supplements he recomends. Well, they are so hidden in the website, I had to email customer support and ask where they were! After being guided to a particular place on the site, AND filling in yet another personal information request... (I had already filled one out at the beginning to get emails from him). So, finally found the PDF's on each of his supplements that he had analyzed, and TOTALLY GREEK! I think one might have to be a chemist to understand ANYthing on those reports. And... they are All at least 4-5 yrs. old, and ALL done by the same labratory. So, this portion of my report shows how skeptical I now am of this guys knowledge. It's easy to understand, but when i find stuff like mentioned above, I start to question the validity of the entire process.

  • PanicAttax - I have prayed for skincare like this my whole life....finally!!!!

    I buy this product locally at a Korean grocery store (it's cheaper!!) and for the first time in my life, I have clear skin that is moisturized perfectly! I usually have oily/combination skin, but I stated using the cleanser, toner and moisturizer and my skin changed overnight. I will continue to buy this product and try out any products I can find! I highly recommend this to anyone who has problem skin and has tried everything else on the market. The cleanser alone you can feel it tingle when you wash your face with it, and that's how you know it is working its way into your pores to get all the dirt out!