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  • Amazon Customer - It worked just like I saw it on YouTube

    Howzit everybody! Fix-A-Floor saved me time and money! It worked just like I saw it on YouTube. No problems I have enough left over to fix one more loose tile.

  • subie - Get your dance on!

    I gave it 4 out of 5 because it is harder than playing 2014. If you don't have any Just Dance game for Wii U yet... get the 2014.

  • Amanda C. Huckins - NOT COMPARABLE TO WEN

    Ive been working with my forst bottle of WEN for a few weeks and seem to have a routine down that makes my usually flat dull volumeless hair...well.... radiant, full and as gorgeous as anything you would see in a hair commercial! Then I started this to save some MOOLAH. First impression...botttle is smaller, but still saving on cost per ounce. Then theres the smell, not at all like WEN, this is OVERPOWERING, very strong and not at all in a good way, I HATE the smell, doesnt smell as bad in my hair, but still bad. It also irritates and burns my scalp!!!! Now the ingredients seem compraable to WEN but my eyes were crossing trying to find the difference. However my hair is back to its dull flat self....the search is on, gotta find my cheaper WEN.

  • hihacker - Great distance w/ adequate spin

    Hitting drives as far as any I've previously used. Getting urethane spin around the greens...don't know what else I need. This a great ball for the price.

  • An Amazon Customer - I love the Aurora Teagarden Series

    I have read all of the books on this series. I love the way the author writes on this series so much that I am hooked on the books. This book is full of action and suspense and drama that I just couldn't put it down. She proves to be right on the money when solving the mystery. There will be another book because one of the most important things in Roe's life, giving birth to her baby hasn't happened yet. So I hope Charlaine Harris brings humor with the pregnancy and motherhood sort of like the movie with Diane Keaton in Baby Boomers that had me laughing hysterically. I can't wait to read the next book!

  • Jason K. Iijima - Classy

    Classy Timbuk2 messenger. Love the tweaks they have made to this year's messenger. The mechanism that shortens/lengthens the shoulder strap is easier and doesn't have the bulk of a big loop when tightened like previous year's models. The buckles are hidden underneath the flap now, instead of being on top of it. Over all, the bag is much cleaner and minimalist looking.