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  • peony - Perfect Glue!

    I've used this glue on wood, metal and paper. It sets up quickly, but does take a little while to dry thoroughly. It is well worth the wait.

  • Marshall - Odorless and kinda pointless

    This will hydrate your beard, and it will help keep stray hairs in check. But there is no smell, and I mean none. Anyone talking about a scent here, you must have received a different product. This is fine, but for the price one may as well just buy bulk olive oil - or just about any oil for that matter - and gently yet strongly rub it into ones gruff man fur. With authority.

  • Jeannine Ritter - I can store things in my basement again without them smelling like they crawled out of a crypt. Yay!

    I live near the convergence of two rivers very near to the coast. To say I have moisture & humidity issues is a gross understatement. My basement smelled musty, mildewy and disgusting 9 months out of the year. The other three months it just smelled musty. As a result, anything I stored down there smelled the same way. So I ended up not using nearly 1200 square feet of storage space in my own home.