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  • K. Nguyen - It Works For Me.

    I put the 8 ounces bottle into car engine and it helps. There is an acceptable itsy bitsy leak left. You can watch "Fixing Oil Seal Leaks Fast" video on YouTube by scottykilmer. You need 8 ounces for car engine or transmission usage, and 3 ounces for power steering. I am going to order more for power steering and transmission usage.

  • susan helton - As good as you would expect

    No ads for expensive hotels and cruises. Just National Geographic's excellent photography and writing on places I've been and love and places I'll probably never get to but enjoy the armchair traveling.

  • Amber G - Five Stars

    Ive lost 4lbs since taking this. Definitely works. I recieved this product at a discount for my honest review.

  • Chuckzilla and Fam - Made a huge difference in 5th Wheel Black Water Tank

    We have been using it in a 5th wheel trailer that has someone constantly living in it. Rid-X has made a huge difference in the ease of emptying the black water tank and makes life so much easier, Especially after we had to go through the mess of having a clogged tank. A combination of the Rid=X and limiting the amount of toilet paper to go in the tank made all the difference for us, and have not had any issues with the tank since we started that process.

  • Objective1 - Good Nav System but software needs work.

    UPDATE: Well first off dont even consider buying this Nav system for now $1,200 bucks...Seriously Amazon???

  • ChristmasCarol - Really a Great Transformer

    I gave this product 5 stars because I love everything about it. The product does a great job of covering like a foundation but with sunscreen in it. I use LaRoche Posay's Mela D with Philosphy's Booster C mixed together and applied under the Miracle Skin Transformer. At 73, I do not have one brown spot anywhere on my face(never been to the Derm to remove anything from my face). All are great products. You should try this regimen, it will make a huge difference for your facial skin. I get all three products from Amazon. The prices are great!!

  • A&D - Overpowering fragrance...mediocre results.

    I was very excited to try this set, as I use the Marrakesh KaHm Daily Smoothing Treatment and find it works well. I also enjoyed the scent of that product, probably because I only need to use a small amount. However, this stuff was on fragrance overload! It's not necessarily a bad smell (in fact, I think it is the same scent as the smoothing treatment), it was just WAY too much. After only one use of shampoo/conditioner, just looking at my bottle of KaHm Smoothing Treatment turns my stomach. In addition, there was nothing special about what it did to my fine textured, medium thick hair. It cleaned sufficiently, but my hair didn't seem any more moisturized and there was no less frizz than usual...pretty ho-hum results. If you are sensitive at all to strong fragrances, I would pass on this one!