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  • R. Sung - Not a treat for the eyes

    Dear Futurama, You also have female fans. I loved the old calendars, which were witty or you could appreciate them for the art. If you go back to designs that aren't so skewed, I promise to buy your calendars every year!

  • Afton - LOVE IT!!!

    Would buy it again and again. A little goes a long way. I bought one set and between my bathroom and two of my moms there is still over half the product left.

  • AZ kwusu - Great Help & Good Buy from Amazon

    I have been using this H&R Block tax product (formerly Taxcuts) for years and it has been serving me well. I am so used to it, I will probably continue to use it for a while. A word of advice, after falling for it in previous years...even if you are self-employed, upgrading to the "Premium" version is not worth the extra cost, unless you are new to this software. Also, it is a better buy from Amazon as H&R Block keeps increasing their prices for direct purchases from them.

  • CaseyVR6 - Helped Lots

    I have this strange condition that comes up in the summer I have come to call "itchy sweat" and after years of struggling with an itch so powerful it truly induces panic I found a blog post about someone with a similar condition. They suggested the cause was an "overbloom" or "overgrowth" of a strain of yeast in the digestive system and that the enzymes in ThreeLac would effectively keep it under control. After about the 3rd day there was an enormous difference. This is my second summer and it's been another HUGE help. I can recommend extremely strongly that anyone who has the "itchy sweat" like a few of us have, this was a game changer for me.

  • yauherbert - must read. easy to understand n the book is life saving! thanks.

    An easy to read book that unclutter your soul with a step by step instruction. Very inspiring n make me reread it after finishing it. the book has incorporated some important bible messages that allow non bible reader to understand the power of having the values in life.