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EUROWARDS :: El Concurso Europeo para Emprendedores · 2004 Edition - El concurso de emprendedores para empresarios de alto rendimiento de la UE España. The European award for entrepreneurs. Espacio de encuentro virtual para emprendedores y empresarios con un proyecto de empresa; inversores interesados en el desarrollo de proyectos de negocio viables; universidades, escuelas de negocio y centros de formación con una oferta de actividades adaptada a las necesidades de los emprendedores; personas con experiencia dispuestas a aportar sus conocimientos para ayudar al desarrollo de nuevos proyectos de empresa.

Country:, Europe, ES

City: -3.684 , Spain

  • CARL MEISTER - Best non stock mat for the bad elements

    A sturdy set of mats that keep my Chargers floor dry and look good while doing the job. They are easy to remove and clean keeping my car sharp. We have all the elements to deal with here in Nevada sand, weeds, rain, and snow and these mats can handle them all. This is my second set for my second Charger which I consider a must after 2 1/2 years protecting my other Charger.

  • Patrick H. Nguyen - great system and a worthy follow-up to the 360

    If you had a great time with the 360, you'll have an even better time with the One. Hardware. It's a little bigger than the original 360 console. It's much quieter than the 360. Bluray movies look and sound great on the One's BluRay drive which is slot-loading. The hard drive is now internal like with the 360 S console. Currently, it comes with a 500 GB internal hard drive but will soon have external hard drive support which allows you to install games and other things. This is a good setup because it means you can keep adding hard drives for more storage. Better than replacing the internal hard drive which means you are losing 500GB by swapping drives (i.e., with the swapping method, if you buy a 2 GB drive and replace the internal 500 GB drive, you are paying for a 2 GB drive but you're only gaining 1.5 GB of space).

  • Daniel Portwine - Excellent upgrade to a stock system!

    Just picked up a 2013 Impreza 2.0i. After a bit of research I found that these speakers DO fit the 2013 models and that the install itself is a very simple process. (about 20min for me)

  • do_2 - Brews good espresso but oft retains brew in filter making messing ...

    Surprise, still working after 7 months of heavy use. Brews good espresso but oft retains brew in filter making messy refilling. Get the insurance, you will likely use it before expiration. Empty water tank nightly and air dry. Wipe brew nozzle area frequently. Don't overfill filter, place grind about 1/8th inch from top of filter, max. Clean tray daily. We don't froth, so no comment.

  • Amazon Customer - A Very Happy Customer

    This is my second order of Rogaine for Women. I wasn't certain this would work for me, as so many reviewers didn't have good results or any results. Applying twice a day seemed a bit excessive to me and I wasn't certain I would follow through. Although this product comes with some instruction, it doesn't say whether it should be rubbed into the scalp or dabbed on with aid of cotton balls or what, so I started by simply applying, then combing it through my hair to keep the liquid from running everywhere. Within a month I was growing fuzzies! The fuzzies turned into hair and the hair is healthy and shiny! I have tried massaging it gently on the scalp, letting it just run and washing it from where I don't want it, combing it and there doesn't seem to be any difference. I color the new hair just as I do the "old" hair, style it with gels, heating irons and hair spray. I have no thin spots any more. I am a very happy customer.