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  • Professor Woland - Worth the Price

    This was my first Timbuk2 product. I always thought they looked more trendy than functional, and I was pleasantly surprised.

  • Amazon Customer - I received the powder version today. In my opinion ...

    I received the powder version today. In my opinion it's unfair to rate whether this product delivers until you've been on the regiment for at least 60-90 days. None of these star mean anything, I will be back in November 2016 with a fully rating.

  • ChanceD - Great product and fantastic cutomer Support!

    Takes some getting used to. I was drinking salt water the first 3 or 4 times is why I don't feel up to 5 stars. The resolution recommended by Navage is to relax, but that actually works! This company really cares about the customers and will work to resolve any issues you may have. Thanks!

  • Amazon Customer - Love it, great quality

    Love it, great quality! Better than Apple's Smart Cover in my personal opinion. The Apple Pencil fits very snug and is always there when I need it. You will not be disappointed, unless you dislike like quality.

  • E Bookmaster - Rosy Cheeks Glowing Complexion

    Okay, I am taking this product for painful feet. I have taken it about two weeks now and my skin is beautiful! I have actual color on my face rather than a paperbag brown. The bloodflow has improved so much that my beginning wrinkles have filled in, my cheeks are rosey and my lips are like dark wine where they used to have absolutely no color at all! I know it will take a little more time to get rid of the plantar foot pain but this beginning perk is amazing! I am also taking iron supplementation and a green drink but I am laying my complexion on Genacol.

  • gardina - Received on time

    The Guinness Book of Records was purchased for my grandson. His interest in the Guinness Book of Records started at the age of 9. He has books for each year (13) there after. For the last 3 years purchase was made through Amazon