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  • Amazon Customer - I would not recommend this product to friends

    I used this for a month on my inner thighs and it hardly did anything for me. I used it 1-2 times a day and had almost no changes in my stretch marks. I would not recommend this product to friends.

  • Jeff B. - Great gadget

    Works great and wasn't too difficult to install. Just be careful removing all the plastic parts from your car! The interface is great to have so you can listen to your iPhone iTunes thru your stereo without having to squint at the iPhone display.

  • l.c.r. - Works perfectly

    My dentist recommended this to me... he doesn't sell it in his office. He told me to just get it from Amazon. $15 and change and free shipping was a great deal. When I turned 50, I used Invisalign (the clear alternative to braces) to straighten my teeth, and started wearing Vivera retainers at night afterward to keep my teeth straight. I use Night Bright in my Vivera retainer for an hour or two during the day. Thrilled with the results. White teeth, but not unnaturally so.

  • Jacy - Not bad for a topical pain killer

    My father told me he saw an ad for this cream and it really helped him. Well, I was not much of a believer but I tried it anyway and yes, it really works. I can't say that its at the 5 star level but it works better then the prescription that my MD gave to me. for a topical pain relief, it is worth the money.

  • Aaron - Worked wonders!

    I used this to get some sticker residue off of my car for my work's parking pass. Thankfully, this was able to do the job admirably. Highly recommended.