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  • Shelley McDonald - Kaplan test prep

    I think Kaplan makes wonderful study guides to help prepare people for big exams. This LSAT Premier edition has lots of practice to help you score better on the test. Assuming you've been studying for the LSAT, this Kaplan aide is a good way to enhance your knowledge. It's probably not enough to teach you all you need to know, but it represents the types of questions that will be on the test and provides test-taking strategies. There are a good number of practice questions, but I think the best part is the full practice test that simulates what you'll see on test day. I feel you can't go wrong with Kaplan; it should certainly help your score.

  • N. Jones - I love it and my toddler loves it too

    It is so perfect for her little hands. It's very easy to navigate which is perfect for a toddler who thinks they know everything and have sharing issues. I will issue a beware: the package states that the set up could take up to 40 minutes but it took me over 4 hours because after the software was installed onto my computer, I was prompted to download Adobe Flashplayer. It was a complete headache but worth it after everything has been installed. I purchased a couple of apps immediately. By the time I had completed the set up, registration, and installation of the new apps, the LeapPad died. Thank goodness I bought rechargeable batteries. I think owning something like this, you will definitely need them. You will not regret it.