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Wholesale Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil in Oxfordshire, UK - Based in Oxfordshire, Eden of Essence provide pure organic extra virgin coconut oil to a range of wholesalers and health food shops across the UK. Buy online or call 0800 458 2928.

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  • Buy Coconut Oil UK bulk , coconut oil UK bulk - Buy Coconut Oil in Bulk from Essence Of Eden. Buy online or call 0800 458 2928.
  • How Essence of Eden Products are Made - Essence Of Eden is produced in both non-European and European countries that use our specified centrifuge system. Incidentally, not all centrifuge machines work the same way.
  • Our Green Commitment at Essence Of Eden - At Essence of Eden, we manufacture and use our own bio diesel to run our vehicles, simply because we feel it is making good use of a waste product that already exists, used vegetable oil. In fact we feel it’s the best use for it.
  • Make the Switch to Natural Beauty Products - Here's why you should consider throwing out your old commercial products, and opting for natural alternatives.
  • Articles on the Benefits and Use of Coconut Oil. - Articles on the Benefits and Use of Coconut Oil. Buy online or call 0800 458 2928.
  • Natural & Hand Made Soaps | Essence of Eden | Oxfordshire | UK - View our range of natural and handmade soaps. Buy online or call 0800 458 2928 for more information.

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  • Bigsarge - Temp should count up or down to set temp and you should not need a digital Thermometer to check for correct temps.

    Tho I did not buy my PIC through Amazon, I did buy it from Nuwave. I like it so far but I am disappointed with the temp's. I though that when I set it to a temp it would at least have a counter taking you up to or down to the exact temp set. I read further and found it is suggested to have a digital thermometer to check temps. I though that this would be unnecessary, so for now I have no way of knowing if the set temps are correct as set. I don't use it often so this my only issue for now. Oh and it will burn butter tho they say it won't.

  • djholmez64 - Perfect replacment

    Replaced on my 2007 4runner which had a melted one due to a rubber defect and the heat over the years. Best $40 ive spent so far this year! Was quoted $300 at the dealership and $180 at a local shop, took my about 45 mins to do it myself!

  • Orweller Family - Helpful sleep aid. Non habit forming.

    Helps me get to sleep and wake up less. I can still wake up if the baby cries or the alarm goes off. Note that 48 count pills = 24 servings.

  • Becky - I like that one dose is only two pills with a ...

    I haven't been taking this supplement long enough to tell a real difference. I am sure I will in the next few weeks. I like that one dose is only two pills with a meal. I do not get the jitters and I feel good. This is stimulant free which is amazing. Most fat burners either make you feel like yur going to have a heart attack or you sweat like a pig! I feel less bloated and my clothes are not as tight. As always, shipping was super fast and product arrived just as described. I received this item at a discounted price in exchange for my honest, fair and unbiased review.

  • Richard J. Roberts - Not good at either sweeping or steaming

    Horrible product going back to the store immediately. Left my usually shiny floors streaky and filmy. Forget about using the sweeper and steamer at the same time, whatever you're sweeping up gets wet and creates a horrible mess to clean up in the machine's dust bin. It only sweeps, doesn't vacuum, so don't expect a powerful suction. The steamer pad is behind the sweeper brush, so it takes some manuevering to get the floors clean all the way to the walls and corners, and it is too big to fit under my counters and into any type of tight spot, for instance around a toilet. The seam on the top of the handle was very irritating and left a blister on my hand after just a few minutes of use. The only pros I found was that it had a long cord and heated up quickly, but my floors looked worse after I used than they did before. I'm going back to two steps, a broom and a microfiber mop.

  • Nisha - ... son is just over 20 lbs and fits really nicely in this seat

    My son is just over 20 lbs and fits really nicely in this seat. We have only used it rear facing so far, but it is easy to adjust and also ensure it is installed properly. I like how the strap covers are adjustable (the others we have had were not and it was uncomfortable for my son). He seems very comfortable in the seat and the reclining options are ideal.

  • Shopper12 - This is an EXCELLENT pillow. Since getting this pillow

    This is an EXCELLENT pillow. Since getting this pillow, I have slept much better. Even more noticeable is that the neck pain I was constantly having when waking up, is dissipating. This is such a welcome change. I think I must have 20 pillows in my closet. Since having neck fusions, I have tried a lot of things to get a good nights sleep. This pillow is wonderful. It is not hard as a rock like other memory foam pillows, yet it never goes flat. Did I say I love it? Well, I LOVE LOVE it. :)