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  • Steven P. Silvestri - Great Value/Price/Performance!!!

    I bought a set of 4 of these tires from my local rim/tire store (R/T Tire, Boardman, OH 44512) for my 2003 GMC Yukon SLT w/ Factory 20in Rims. I paid $159/ea (mounted, Balanced, and installed)for these Goodyear Eagle LS-2 275/55/R20. We just got 10" of snowfall overnight, and I can not rave about these tires enough. They are abosolutely GREAT in the snow. When I bought the car there were some no-name street tires on the truck (which I assume were the cheapest set they could find) and the difference is like night and day. Rides smooth on the freeway, Great Handling in turns, and I can't say enough about how great they handle the snow and wet pavement. I have a feeling I'll sell this vehicle before I need to replace these tires, but I am a very satisfied customer!

  • Cabriojim - Windows OS ONLY !!!! Not for MAC OS

    Had to return the QB Missing Manual - Have MAC and nowhere does the Amazon site say this is EXCLUSIVE to Windows OS; Upon Receipt of M/M, the preface says the Windows-Only caveat, as well as all writing and screen shots will be OF NO USE to Q/B for Macintosh OS; Wrote to book author/editor and she said her publisher refuses to tackle the MAC Version of Q/B due to smaller market (??)

  • HKinVA - greaT MAT

    The mat is nice and thick and works great. Doesn't seem overly heavy. Hopefully it won't wear out as fast as the thinner ones. I've had it for several months and use it daily. That's about all I can say about a simple mat.

  • Miss Baker - Great Product - Fast Results

    I used the night white because I started this with my dentist. The product is great however, you may have a little sensitivity after the first two days but that goes away after you stop applying it. I only use it for three to five days and the whitener lasts well over 6 months. I refresh after I go to the dentist for a cleaning and only then do I use it for two nights. Since I have a form for my teeth, I just put a little on and sleep in it. Brush and floss as usual the next day. I would recommend it only if you want instant results that will last a long time between uses.

  • Simon - Fantastic! Went out and read a book by Elizabeth ...

    Fantastic! Went out and read a book by Elizabeth Strout because I loved the stories she chose for this wonderful anthology.

  • Ronald D. Fogle - Poor--Poor--Poor!

    This is the worst program that the company has produced yet! Very unfriendly and it takes over other programs on my computer. I would not recommend this at all.

  • SlackerChick - 100 percent right on shippung materials.

    There really is not much to say about vitamins. I mean the flavor was ok, but tgey are vitamins they should not taste like candy. However, I was extremely imressed with the shipping packages. There were ice packes in the boxes to the gummies from melting together.