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  • Captain Curt - Worked Faster Than I Expected

    Hardly ever right reviews, but this stuff does work. I have algae/moss on the north facing side of my vinyl siding house. It is also on the plastic/vinyl lattice pieces below the siding and the ground (live on piers in FL flood zone). Sprayed the stuff on, went out the next day and (not kidding) the algae was was not "gone" in some areas, but it had turned most of the siding back to its original color (white). That's with no rain or water added after the product had dried. I don't know if others who are not seeing results are mixing it wrong or what. Use a measuring's easy. The only reason I didn't give this five stars is because I just saw this exact same stuff at Lowes for $18. It looked like the same size too, so I don't know what the deal is with that. Will definitely be buying it again though.

  • Labrane Greene - Official!!

    Definitely enhanced the appearance of my vehicle . Dealer wanted $80 for this set and $50 to install it . Well worth it .Official Mopar part pop out old ones pop in new ones .

  • jon collins - feels like a new car again

    The diablo works great. It made driving the car much better. Just remember to read the instructions first and you should have no problems tuning your car.

  • M. Forstrom - Used for Lit

    This gave me the experience and confidence I needed to walk in and get a 76/80 on the lit test. Well, I could have done so without it, but this is definitely a good resource for those who want to grab some units from CLEP. I also took the Social Sciences practice test and definitely could have passed that and would have had I not already gotten those credits from AP US History. The only weakness is the language bit. The Spanish practice test did not inform me that I would be able to test out of 3 Spanish classes (by one point), which luckily I did. Of course, that's because the oral part is missing from this book, which is unavoidable but a big limitation.