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Foro de El Nacionalista - Foros - Comunidad de Foros dedicada a los verdaderos Patriotas y utilizada como punto de encuentro de todos los camaradas realmente patriotas.

  • Foro de El Nacionalista - ACTIVIDADES DE PARTIDOS Y AGRUPACIONES NACIONALISTAS - subforo para la informacion de actividades de los distintos partidos y agrupaciones nacionalistas, sean actos, pegatinas , pintadas, proselitismo , actividades de juventud etc

    Country:, North America, US

    City: -122.3933 California, United States

  • melie-mel - Great Album, I heard it on youtube and I ...

    Great Album, I heard it on youtube and I simply had to have it as my own. So many favourites on this album I can't chose one song as the best. J Cole is definitely a lyrical genius and I have so much respect for the story he is telling on this album.

  • Jeff Summers - Useless

    I sprayed this on my dog pretty thoroughly before our evening walk through the woods. Before we even finished the walk, I noticed three or four ticks on him. While combing him at the end of the walk, I pulled at least fifteen ticks off him--which is a higher number than usual. Granted it was a beautiful fall day at a temperature the ticks just love but even so, I was expecting fewer ticks than average. The bottle says this spray kills ticks on contact. That is simply not true. I put one of the fifteen ticks on my finger and sprayed him directly with the bottle. He seemed to slow down and be unhappy for about a minute. I thought I was watching him die a slow death but, after the stuff evaporated off him, he perked right up and began crawling vigorously up my arm. Useless. This product is useless.

  • RubyRoo - Doesn't really do the basic functions that people need

    I have used this for the past year and it really doesn't do anything special. Long workaround to even apply rent bank deposits to Rent due. That should be basic. I was looking for software with easy workflow from entering tenants, clicking a button when rent was paid and report reflected. Save your money for something else.

  • tiffany - Stretch mark FREE

    This product has worked wonderfully for me not sure if i just got lucky and have super elastic skin or if it actually worked but i used this product twice a day for my entire pregnancy and thus far being exactly 2 weeks from my due date have not recieved a single stretch mark NOT ONE. Hopefully i stay this way i'm in the home stretch!..I was 92 lbs. before i got pregnant and now weigh 119 lbs. So i have gained a significant amount for my size. Highly refer this product...the only thing i hate is the smell and the fact that ive gone through about six bottles and the pump has not worked on 5 of them.

  • Jordan - Raising the activity tracker bar

    I've owned Fitbit and Jawbone activity trackers...but Moov is on a whole different level. I am above and beyond impressed. I generally run three miles a day, but Moov Now makes me get so much more out of that three miles by forcing me to keep a steady pace and telling me when I'm starting to slow down. It even tells me when my stride to too long. The automatic sleep tracking is also a plus. This is just beyond what I expected, especially for the price. Whoever designed this should take a bow.