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Elizabeth Thorson RN - Intuitive Consultant - Utilizing her intuitive skills, Elizabeth perceives information about personal, professional, and business issues providing clients with clairity in these areas

  • Archetypal Assessments From Elizabeth Thorson RN Intuitive Consta - Sessions begin by investigating four major archetypes, how they reflect in your life patterns, and how you may be using them as they work with and challenge you

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  • Mama Kat - it smells nice and I love that it is made up of ...

    This product is very watery and leaves my hair greasy. However, it smells nice and I love that it is made up of all natural ingredients. It just makes my scalp feel very greasy. Normally, I only wash my hair every other day, but with this product I have to wash it everyday. It is so moisturizing though that it does not make my hair dry out. I would recommend this product for someone with a dryer scalp, but it just does not work for me.

  • Amazon Customer - We tried other bats over the years but the S3 has consistently performed the best.

    This is the 4th S3 my son has used. We tried other bats over the years but the S3 has consistently performed the best.

  • Rake - the good. I enjoyed this novel (and it's sequels)

    First off, the good. I enjoyed this novel (and it's sequels). The action moves along at a good and it's a good story. It's not too long and the story never really lapses into introspective characters or dull periods where nothing happens.

  • patticake3 - Snug fit

    I like this version of the Nike Flex Run 2015. I already used the 2013 and 2014. I already ran about 12 miles on these new shoes and suffered plantar fasciitis (minor). Perhaps the shoes were a little snug around my foot. I'm sure I can break into these shoes in a few days before my half marathon this Sunday the 15th (today is Wednesday, 11/11). The color is a vibrant blue which will match my Golden State Warriors shirt. In general, these shoes are fine.

  • Mainuh - Helpful for determining level, but needs refinement.

    Overall works well at what it's designed to do. Installed in our 41' diesel pusher. It's very helpful finding level and does a good job. I have 2 complaints however, realizing this is probably "version 1" of this that we received. 1. Battery life is extremely short and no easy way to power it off 12vdc readily available in the coach. Already gone through (2) 2032 batteries in about 6 weeks. 2. Setting this up to connect bluetooth to 3 devices was a real pain in the butt. 1st one connected fine, but 2nd and 3rd device would not connect without removing the battery and replacing 1 addition time for each device. Duh... put a reset button on so I don't have to pry out the battery for each new device!. So my suggestions to these guys are allow an external power source or a larger longer lasting battery type! 2-3 weeks per battery then having to remove 4 screws and pry out the old one stinks! and put a reset button on the thing so we don't have to remove the battery each time we want to add a new device. Other than that, it's a really helpful tool in parking and setting up to know to .25" your level status at all 4 corners. Great concept... just needs some polishing on the apple.

  • Norman G. - Child size is a better fit for an almost 3 year old

    I initially purchased the "toddler" size for my almost 3 year old and it was tight so I returned it and purchased the "child" size. The costume is decently made and very cute.