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  • Anne - Amazing Diet Pill!

    I put on 50 lbs. in twelve months due to prescription medication last December. My eating was out of control and I was extremely depressed as a result. I went from 118 lbs. to 168 lbs. from December 2012 to November 2013. I've never had a weight problem and ate everything in sight around the clock. I would bake pies, cakes, macaroni and cheese and they'd be gone the next day. I started walking five miles a day, then got stress fractures in both feet. Nothing fit. I bought two pairs of sweat pants and two shirts at Kmart and never went out of the house. I'd only shop at Kroger in the middle of the night. It was absolutely awful! I was an aerobics instructor for 14 years and health advocate all my life. I was ashamed. I found Lipozene on the shelf at my Kroger store and thought, what have I got to lose? Well, let me tell you, it was a god send! I take it 30 minutes before each meal and this stuff works! I've lost nine lbs. in six weeks and am still losing. I've joined the health club and am working out with weights again and walking to and from the gym (which isn't that far) and I owe it all to that first bottle of Lipozene. If you really are serious about wanting to lose weight, then start here. It works!

  • Love it or hate it, a truly devastating and original album! - Love it or hate it, a truly devastating and original album!

    Why did these guys find it so hard to just be normal? - this is the question asked by one reviewer of this awseome piece. I shall tell you why - because Pink Floyd were incredibly talented, they were pioneers and innovators. They were anything but "normal". Normal bands tend to be mediocre at best or even boring, but not Pink Floyd though. They were a truly ground-breaking act who were many, many years ahead of their time. They were also capable of producing the most devastatingly original and brilliant music, as heard on this album. This album is perhaps the most under-rated of their post-Dark Side Of The Moon work. It's also a piece that has been misunderstood by a lot of people who don't really understand what it's about - alienation and separation is the big theme here, although anguish at losing a parent in a tragic and terrible war and discovering one's darker side are also touched upon. Despite the gloom, this is a brilliant work of satire and although not musically as good as Dark Side or Wish You Were Here, The Wall is a great album and is perhaps Roger Waters' best all-round writing effort. The production and sense of dynamics is truly awesome. You need to listen all the way through because of the narrative - it's not an album of hit singles or songs that make much sense heard in isolation. This is an album, along with Sgt Pepper, The White Album and of course, DSOTM, that any true rock music fan must own. A classic. Check out the new live version too.

  • Alissa L. Shoemaker - Not the original game

    This is a different version of the game than I intended to purchase. The kids like it OK, but I find the additions to the game to be confusing. They are not well explained in the directions. I would not recommend.

  • Jerry L. Wescott - Very happy

    I was very satisfied the product and the speed I received it I would do business with them again, I was very satisfied