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Centre For Effective Practice - Best Practice In Primary Care - The Centre for Effective Practice (CEP) aims to close the gap between evidence and practice in healthcare. We give providers what they need.

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  • Bradley Chun - The battery minder has a feature of de-sulfurnization which is ...

    The battery minder has a feature of de-sulfurnization which is essential in the long life of the battery, the product does what it claims to do. It also has many safety features that prevents over charging due to weather conditions and temperature. The product is worth the cost, provided

  • Ballard M Burgher - Five Stars

    Terrific pre-season guide for the high-information Longhorn fan. Thorough, insightful and often witty.

  • Brad Ruppel - Does its job.

    Helps to relieve any pain i have from working out so I can stretch out post workout without hurting myself. tens unit do not heal, all they do is temporarily curb pain to enable you to stretch the problem area or enable a doctor/masseuse to do their job without you feeling too much pain. for that its great. but don't be fooled, this is no miracle cure.

  • D. S. Greenberg - Software is the worst ever, Hardware very nice

    I purchased this item to help rid myself of large quantities of receipts, business cards, clippings, and documents. Initial installation was easy and I was happily scanning items in. The OCR works pretty well, and I was happy that I could scan items in and export them later if I needed to.

  • Steven Crane - $175.24 to cancel membership.

    I had a 1 year long student creative cloud membership that I did not cancel before it auto-renewed for another year. I noticed this within the same month as payment, and cancelled my account. I was hit with a charge of $175.24 for cancelling the account. I tried to explain my situation to Adobe support, but the only solution they could offer me was to create a new Adobe account, purchase another subscription of Adobe Creative Cloud, and then I would receive a refund for $106. I will not be purchasing any more Adobe products, and will not recommend anyone I'm in contact with to do the same.

  • C. Lane - Not impressed so far

    My granddaughter loves this app and at her urging, I tried it. While trying to buy a gift for my other granddaughter and attempting to pay for and ship to a different address, it's becomming very frustrating as the payme t was authorized but when I click on pla e order, it goes r ight ba k to PayPal. It might be just the user (me), it certainly is not making it easy.

  • L. Holtz - It really does work

    I have/had chronic sinusitis and have been battling it for years with all kinds of decongestants, antihistamines, etc. Then I tried this. Now I don't have sneezing attacks out of the blue at work and my face isn't constantly hurting from sinus pain.