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  • Amazon Customer - I fought against it and got a great deal on the car

    I just purchased my car last week. Was going to go with the LX because the dealer claimed the EX had to have a protection package on it. I fought against it and got a great deal on the car. After all was said and done, I got the EX for $21k. Definitely agree with the rest of the reviews. I owned a '99, '01, and '04 Civic, and just got out of my lease of a '13 Camry SE. The EX has all the features my Camry had with a few extras and I think it is a better handling car. I chalk that up to its size being smaller than the Camry. Although, the Civic is a compact and feels just as roomy as my Camry which is a mid-sized. Amazing amazing car.

  • Yomahomie03 - This thing does work.....period

    I bought one a couple years back and was amazed by the results. I mean.... I'm in the military so I work out dailey, but my abs haven't been this toned since high school. The belt will strengthen your abs without changing your diet or dailey routine. However the results may not be visible because the belt on it's own will not give you the abs like the models in the pictures. For the best results you still need to eat healthy and work out to cut down on the fat in front of your ab muscles. I used it to cut back on my total work out time, because I don't have to do abs at the end of every work out now. I can wear it playing with the kids. It also improved my bottom set of abs, and obliques (hard to get to) a lot, helped with my back problems as well because I now have a stronger core. Bottom line I would say if you have the extra money and you'll be consistent in using this belt it's not a waste. For those of you who claim this not to work ask youself these questions: What is your body fat %? Do you use it on a regular basis? Do you keep it on a low setting because it's comfortable or do you push yourself? Did you change your diet? Did you start or continue to work out? Or most importantly after using this belt for weeks: If you did none of this did your abs feel firmer? Just because you can see the results don't mean it's not working. Even doctors use other products like this that use EMS for physical therapy. So, I'm sure this thing works. I recently deployed and didn't bring mine so I bought another one and wearing it now. So, if it didn't work I defineltey would of learned my lesson with the first one and not buy a second one. So like I said, if you have the extra money and curious I say go with it. Just be consistent in what you do. That's very important.

  • Rozaty - electrical adaptner is terrible

    I have bought about 3 of these units in the past 4 years. It works perfectly, but I have trouble with the light connection cord it breaks inside and I have to move it constantly to make it work, the Electrical adapter does the same. It is cheaply made and the wiring splits inside easily. I have called and called and never get a return call from the company. Because it works so well. I continue to order them. I have used the batteries but it cost too much to keep replacing them.. I am really tired of the wires breaking and don't think that I will order another one this time..

  • JutsGrl - Product didnt work

    I used the product for 30 days and saw absolutely no results. I changed my diet and exercised so I was extremely hopeful to lose at least 10-15 lbs. but not one pound was lost. The cream seemed to be old as it came out in clumps and didnt always rub in completely. Very disapointed.