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  • danny ryukyu - travel planner

    generally okay for planning. has some good tools like finding what's near here and estimating the trip. I found it awkward at times with some panes disappearing and trying to figure out how to get them back. the software also routed me the long way around in multiple instances, adding about 200 miles at one point to my vacation. I also didn't like the way it broke up a road that changed its name, making it difficult to calculate how far to drive on that part of the route. It did let me add new points so i could try 'what if' scenarios. Haven't yet found the magic button to pick the most efficient route based on the stops I wanted.

  • Anne A. - The best I can do is tell people DO NOT BUY ...

    I have used the WORX 4 times; it is a piece of junk. I wish I could get a refund but I am certain that is not possible. The best I can do is tell people DO NOT BUY THIS product. The string constantly breaks, it doesn't cut a clean edge ... in fact, it doesn't cut much of anything. I love ordering from Amazon and have been pleased with every purchase except this one.

  • SKaye - Not at all sure about this book.

    I'm not at all sure about this book. I read it in two days, but that's normal for me. And I can certainly understand Evelyn's motivation for her actions. If my husband cheated on me I would want to know why. Why her, when, what happened, etc. and etc. But I don't think I could ever confront the other woman or get so involved in her life.

  • Kathy - Good mix of all kinds of contemporary and award winning songs.

    I have purchased the grammy nominees cps for the past several years. It keeps my knowledge of music current so I can relate to my grandchildren! I love all the cds that I have purchased and keep these all in a folder in my iTunes account. Great listening.

  • janeo - Splat hair dye worked for me!

    So I bleached hair to the yellow stage everyone says to do. I disagree. I say bleach it to almost white. However everones hair is different. If you have black hair then get it yellow then proceed. I then put my choice of toner on whole head. After that I pulled out a bottle of splat purple! Oh by the way I did NOT use their bleach kit in the box! It wont even be enough unless your doing a few sreaks. I use the blue stuff I cant remember the name of. And a 30 developer. My hair is a dark to med brown with auburn highlites naturaly. I hate it. Been a blonde forever, Lady Gaga came out so I decided to get freaky with my hair. Anyway this stuff really works. I left it on for an hour. On bleached hair it came out the color on the box. The unbleached hair (due to me using a cap) was a differnt color which I loved. To bad they dont make the color I accidently made. I was not doing all over head just streaks. SO It worked great. WARNING:The dye will get on everything. use old towels. Wash cloths etc. Wont stain sink. Have comet on hand. I applied this to my hair with my hands. WHy? I have no clue! Dumb Blonde? NO dumb woman! So yes I had deep purple hands for 3 days!!!!! But it came off. Takes a while for water to turn clear. wash it out and dont shampoo for a few days. Yuck I know. Hide in your bedroom from your husband and tell him you have the flu. I have hidden in my room for years, months on end with the flu various headaches and other ailments just to avoid this man! If you are a hopless romantic and happen to adore and love your husband please allow him entrance to the room. So hair tip and a husband tip! Good luck! Oh ladies, my God watch youtube and get a good shampoo and conditioner and take vitamins and lots of water to keep it healthy. What we eat and drink will decide the health of hair! Research research!

  • PMcL - Instant odor remover

    I love this product to clean up the little pet accidents around the house. I've used it on carpet, wood, linoleum and concrete with no damage to the flooring. It removes the ammonia smell immediately, and replaces it with a light, pleasant scent.

  • B. Cox - Love my 2016 White Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk V6 (decked out 4x4)!

    I've had my white V6 Jeep Cherokee for over two months now and I love this vehicle. One of the best and most fun vehicles I ever owned. It literally has almost every available option. Comfortable and nice looking leather interior; the uConnect system with Navigation works extremely well as does the bluetooth. The cabin interior is quiet and bluetooth phone calls works very well and everyone tells me I no longer sound like I'm talking from inside a can. Fast! 4 stars now, only because I give pause as to whether anything will break in the coming year ,etc. as well as the gas mileage which I wish was a bit better.