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  • jghvbv - Need help

    Tried 2 home tests 2 different days and didn't work. I smoke cigarettes. I have been toxin free except cigs for 3 days. See positive results in comments. Would love feedback on what I am doing wrong.

  • TX674 - Best glue I've used so far

    I purchased 4 glues at the time and this one was my favorite.. I've ordered it a few times since. If your looking for something to bond quickly this isn't the glue! I clamp my items together and let them sit over night. I've used it on broken ornaments, ribbon, metals and more. My husband will come in asking for this specific glue to mend/bond his items. I've seen it at the store for the same price but on Amazon tax is included and they save the trip!

  • molico - it gives a lot of good information but there's also a great deal of

    Well, it gives a lot of good information but there's also a great deal of, how can I say it..."exaggeration"-- in my opinion-- of what minerals can and can't do for you. My husband got the book (I gave it to him???) and went crazy with minerals, still taking 50 different bottles of pills a month plus mineral water etc. so be careful to whom you give this book to, make sure the person has a sound mind and can discard the "exaggerations" in the book. I recommend with reservations.

  • peace - Slow process, and I did not like the strong vibrations I felt in my fingers.

    This clipper takes some getting used to. It does work but takes a long time to trim down your nails. There is a “trim” side and “file” side. The “trim” side was not much more effective than the “file” side. It will trim/file down your nail, but you must be very patient. It is a very slow process. The results were not smooth. I had to go over them with my regular nail file, just to smooth out the edges.

  • Amazon Customer - Fun to use, but not cheap

    The Soda Stream machine is a lot of fun to use, making your own soda at home, but it has some substantial problems.

  • D. Meyer - A book for the 99%!!!

    I wish 99% of Americans would read this book!! It was hard to put down; filled with historical perspec tive, names, and data, which goes on to offer solutions. A real call to arms for those of us you cannot count themselves among the "Royalists." Well done, Mr. Hartmann.

  • Carol - Perfect Black

    I love the finishing look. It's very black and that is hard to find and just what I was looking for. I just did it yesterday so I don't know how fast it'll fade yet. But unfortunately for me, all dyes fade from my hair rather quickly. I took a star off for a few reasons. 1. The gloves are too large and I couldn't use them. 2. I didn't like the consistency when mixed together. It was quite liquidy and made it difficult to apply without dripping, but once I rubbed it into my hair it seemed to absorb into it and not drip. 3. It does not come with a conditioner.