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  • Joanes - Perfect product.

    Great product! Shipping in time! Recommend for everyone that like to play volley. I'll buy more like that. I just play with this ball now.

  • Yvette Lorraine Lynch-ruiz - wonderful

    This product does exactly what it said it would do even sooner than the 6 weeks as stated. Not only that, but the price is great for the job that it does.

  • Lomatium - Green is faster

    I dig the bright green color, its light weight, it works good for protecting your face longboarding and a cheaper alternative than actual longboard helmets on the market. Rogers Bros has clear plastic visors you can buy to fit Bell Drop that fit in the visor screws- recommended for eye/bug protection.

  • Sara - I am happy to report that two weeks into taking this supplement ...

    I have tried many fat burners in the past and all ended in the same result, shakes, sweats out of no where, and moodiness. I am happy to report that two weeks into taking this supplement I have had no adverse side effects and watched the scale start to creep down! I have tried other BASE products and they are all great products all organic certified, huge plus for me. If you need a little kick start for some weight loss I would highly recommend this supplement for your routine. I have been happy with the results and none of the crazy side effects.

  • lauren - The smell is very nice and your hair is soft when you wash it ...

    It's okay, I mean it leaves your hair looking shinier. The smell is very nice and your hair is soft when you wash it out. Only problem is I have extremely dry hair and my hair still feels very dry once it's fully dried. I don't notice a difference in the texture of my hair since this is a repair mask.

  • Tom K. - Ok story, but very unrealistic characters

    The main plotline is very classic (interstellar war, lost spaceship, humans galaxy's last hope), and written reasonably well. But the book really lacks realism in the characters and much of the backstory.