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  • Edwin Fernandez - Get this album in VINYL.

    I wasn't very excited with this new album because the song she made a video on wasn't as good and the video qas horrible. Absolutely not Lady Gaga. But this album isn't about Gaga, but about Joanne. Joanne is Stefani's middle name. Btw Stefani is Lady Gaga. And Perfect Illusion is the worst song of the album, so clearly it doesn't represent the whole album.

  • TinaBoBina - Good not perfect but close enough.

    Decent product if you have tried everything else, yet your hands are still dry, this last the longest of any I have tried so far looking for relief.

  • Edixon Martinez - It is what it is...

    You see, some people like this product others hate it. Bottom line is up to how desperate you are. I been using this almost a year now and I used at least 6 bottles so far. So I feel I can talk about it. Is extremely messy. Goes all over. Do don't attempts to apply this with a white shirt on you. You have to apply it daily. Don't believe the adv. when it says will stay on your hear. If you touch it will go away if you comb it will go away. You must practice using it or you will over apply it. All cases are different. I have very short hair so my case and experience my very with someone that has way more hair. Why I keep using this prod.? because I have not found anything better yet. I tried many concealer products already and this is the one that give me the most realistic look so far. By the way for some reason the free sample seem better that the actual purchased product. I will change this as soon as I find a product that will really stay in place over night, don't need to use hair spray and specially won't make such a mess on my sink. If you happen to know it please share!

  • June Perkins - 5.0 out of 5

    KODI/XBMC video play perfectly. Integrated the KODI media player software, with full functions of the multimedia entertainment.