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City: 28.9948 , Turkey

  • Sean - Inspirational Story

    Chip and Joanna Gaines share their inspiring story by walking you through their relationship and the houses they've worked on, sharing what they learned from each. This book is a quick, uplifting read that you wont want to put down.

  • AngelCakeCurls - The Best Stuff Since Sliced Bread

    I was introduced to this product by Natural Hair Bloggers Glam Twinz and I must say, this stuff keeps my hair very hydrated and moisturized. I use it once a week but you have to use it liberally because 8oz is not a lot but it works wonders if you work it into the hair from root to tip without rushing. Allow it to penatrate through the hair for about 7 - 10 minutes and then rinse out. Love it, Hair so soft.

  • jdmart - Came in a medium sized box (2 days shipping) and it opened up like a Jack-in-the-box

    Bought it two weeks ago. Came in a medium sized box (2 days shipping) and it opened up like a Jack-in-the-box. Smell went away within 1 day (it's not sprayed with those fireproof chemicals). Very comfy. Soft top yet firm support. My side back pain feels much better. I tried the Tempurpedic and this mattress is much better.

  • Gabriel García - I recommended this Tempered Glass for Iphone 7!

    They are very nicely made and the set is super easy to use. Usually the cheaper ones snap right away. I know it isn't scientific but it seems to work and it let's me know if it gets hit it can take a little abuse. I didn't have any issue with it as it looked like the smiling happy face. So I installed this onto the phone i use to test as well. I drop some change on it.Everything that you need to apply these to your phone is included in this package. The seller offered these to me free/discounted but I was not obligated to leave this review. I chose to leave the review so you could see what you are getting when you purchase these protectors and let you know what my daughter thought of the product when it arrived.

  • confined mom - There is another America

    Twoscore and seven years ago we as a nation were at the brink of Vietnam, two years into the Bible being banned from classroom use, five years from the 3000+ deaths per day that would occur in our abortion facilities, and hoping Cuba wouldn't again plan to blow us off the map. There was also no information about Barack Obama out there for anyone to learn about him. Today, he has been president for four years and while all those other things have shown a degree of change, and public focus, the media is still not aware that Barack Obama had a past and therefore has plans for the future. This is a very good attempt to help us get to know this man we are to honor as our President, because we are to honor the powers that be, that are ordained of God. We are a nation under God and indivisible because of it. This documentary presents concerns and data that help us know how to pray for our country and one another.

  • SuzieQ1957 - Crappy program

    Firstly, I bought this program specifically to make a photo calendar for my family. I wanted to make a two page calender - the top page for a collage of photos and the bottom page the calendar. This program will only make a one page calendar. Before I bought the program, I was in contact with Hallmark by email, asking if this program would make the calendar I wanted. They said it does, but it doesn't. Secondly, I tried to print one of the test pages I made for 2013, it printed December 2011. No print preview. No way to print only one month when the 12 month calendar was selected. My printer is already a pig on ink so if I made one mistake I would have to reprint all 12 months. Thirdly, I tried to email a card to a friend, and it was sent in a .avi(?) file format. The person couldn't open that type of file.

  • Janelle Shackelford - I've had so many friends notice the difference in the length and thickness of my hair and I happily recommend this product to th

    I've been taking this product for approx 18 months and I believe in it. I started taking it at age 59 when my hair started thinning and shedding . I've had so many friends notice the difference in the length and thickness of my hair and I happily recommend this product to them. However: Now that the price have increased so dramatically increased from 99.99 to 160.00 for 3 bottles, they have priced themselves out of my ability to pay. Very good product, but not for the money they ask for it now.