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  • Sanda - takes time but it works

    Definitely works really well it will not work overnight if you're trying to put on your wishes but it will take some time but it definitely works I've been doing it for awhile now and I think it works wonderfully and it's a lot cheaper than getting the prescription to help grow your eyelashes in this does the exact same thing with that being said I want to let you know that there are so many different ones to choose from as well but this one seems to be the best in my opinion and I also like to just put it on my skin when I mix it in with my lotions and it helps a lot too I hope this was able to answer your questions about any about this product you might have had if not go ahead and read some reviews as of this had a slight discount in exchange I'd be willing to review it for this company and go ahead and leave a review have a wonderful day and enjoy

  • M. ONeil - I LOVE IT ... total time saver

    I am a terrible housewife from the get go ... this product is awesome. I'd like to simply say it made cleaning the floor easier (which in essence it has) ... but I had gotten so sick of the nasty mops and swiffer type clean up (with expensive refills) that I stopped mopping my floors unless absolutely necessary. Well I spotted this beauty and thought I would give it a try. I LOVE my new toy. I don't need to have my hands in the mess of dirty water. It will give a quick electric broom treatment, followed by a scrub and then even sucks up the dirty wash water. I flush it away (or toss it outside if its really bad) and keep going. I really can't believe how much it picks up compared to other items I've used. I will be getting one for my parents' beach house just to save me extra work there too.

  • Amazon Customer - Didn't work at first but I'm gonna try again

    I really like and have high expectations of this product because of the reviews I saw but I'm a light skin Jamaican girl so idk if it works on my type skin because I bought a bottle to use on my stretch marks and 2 Lil scars and I see no difference In neither of them and I use it 2 times a day as directed and my bottle finished with in a week and I didn't use it heavy + I mix it with the rosehip seed oil because it says it work better together but idk y but I'm still interested in seeing if this works so I'm going to buy more and try again

  • Ashley - Great study guide!

    The study guide was very helpful. I enjoyed being able to have the answers with the explanations of why they were right. The test-taking strategies also gave me an insight on how to better take the test and how to be prepared. This book really helped me accomplish everything study wise and made me feel better about taking the exam.