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  • Ralphcrabtree - This product was amazing, it works faster than Ibuprophine

    Shipping was on time , will buy again. This product was amazing , it works faster than Ibuprophine !

  • Mark Symonds - FIRE HAZARD

    Plugged into USB hub which has been fine for > 6 months. Smell of burned plastic few hours later, looked below and the wall wart it was plugged into (which was working fine for months) had MELTED. Tried a different wall wart, discovered that USB hub would not charge any device with the cable for these plugged into it and it MELTED yet another wall wart (watching it this time). So not only will they never charge, it is an outright hazard that destroyed two USB wall warts. Thank goodness I didn't plug this thing into my expensive laptop, who knows what would have happened then!

  • got2lovethatfire - Where have you BEEN all my life?

    Softcup is seriously the best invention by the human race. I find myself asking duing my period every month, Where have you BEEN all my life, Instead Softcup?! I wore pads for a few years when I first started having my period, and then I discovered the tampon, which seemed amazing at the time, but with a busy schedule, that 4 hour timeframe on a tampon just came up too quick. I can't tell you how many times I have ruined underwear or pants because I bled through a tampon, even when I changed them regularly. You know that little movement you feel down there that sends you running to the bathroom to check for leaks? Now you can forget it with Instead Softcup. I have not leaked ONCE in the 4 months I have been using Instead Softcup. This was with an active schedule as well. Marching band, walking all over college campus, working (sitting and standing throughout the day), anything! I have not had a single problem with this product.