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  • Sarah Murray - Lost 15 lbs so far

    UPDATE: I've lost 15 lbs within days of with taking drops, vitamin B12 and following the HCG diet. Significant notices in loss of belly fat, arms, legs, and face. I feel better and continuing the drops and diet plan.

  • Rawim - Caffeine pill.

    Yes, if you work out, eat right, and take this fat burner you will lose weight and fat. Also if you work out, eat right, and take flintsone’s chewables you will lose weight and fat. The main ingredient in each 710 mg capsule is 680 mg of caffeine. That’s it. A big caffeine pill. Caffeine gives you energy, and if you work out while all hopped up on caffeine you will lose weight. The remaining 30 mg are various leaf and bean extracts. Of which none are special or miracle fat burners. So this is just another caffeine pill pretending to be a performance supplement. With that in mind it’s up to you if you think it will do anything for you. I would look elsewhere.


    I have purchase this program for years and this year there has been nothing but problems with the program. If you want to Efile your state return (NYS) it is unable to process. If you call H&R you get the run around and you are told to paper file. (In NYS it costs an additional $25 to paper file) It is H&R's problem in the program not NYS. Due to all the hassel of using this program and dealing with customer service this year I would not recomend it and I will not purchase it next year.

  • Paul Sullivan - No longer works with my iPhone.

    This product worked great with both my iPhone 4 and my iPad until recently. Now it only works with my iPad. When I dock my iPhone, I get a message that the iPhone will not work with this accessory. Not sure why this is but it is very frustrating. I was thinking of buying the scale that iHealth sells but now I won't.

  • Kyle V - A bit about the technology behind the system

    Thusfar I have had pretty good success with this product. At first I was quite disappointed but after a month of using it every other day the hair is actually starting to just randomly fall out.

  • Amazon Customer - Junk. Customer service is worthless.

    I recently purchased this at a spectacularly high price, and afterwards just wondered why I didn't purchase a programmable thermostat. Physically the components that make up this gadget are cheap and inferior. After two weeks the glass cracked. Ok, no big deal, let's just call customer service to get a return/replace order on that 2 year warranty. No dice. After fighting with them via email (if you can get anyone on the phone, you must be a magician) I was told to send pictures. After many pictures clearly showing the crack I was told "That is how it supposed to be." Well It wasn't there when I bought it and was denied a return order. Wow. I'm glad someone on the interweb looking at pictures knows better than I do about what is physically in my home. SAVE THE MONEY AND JUST GET A REGULAR PROGRAMMABLE THERMOSTAT. They do the same thing without the software flaws these things continuously suffer.

  • Amazon Customer - Catch em all!

    Great reel so far! Very easy to dial in and has awesome feel and very smooth mechanically! Will buy again!