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  • Bonnie - The special effects are intensely dramatic and appear real--in fact

    The special effects are intensely dramatic and appear real throughout the film. In fact, at the beginning, cracks appear in a side street which leads to the ocean in California--just 1/2 mile from my home. There are overwhelming incidents throughout the film that lend intense drama.

  • James - I'm very disappointed in this product as it cost a little over ...

    I just bought this item new from Amazon and I had difficulty loading Outlook 2003 email/calendar. Also the CD/DVD drive is defective. It does not see a CD or DVD when loaded into the drive. I had to manually go to the CD/DVD drive to start the CD or DVD. After I switched media from CD to DVD the drive did not recognize the CD was replaced with a DVD and continued to list the CD as the media in the drive.

  • Robert Baver - DeLorme Street Atlas 2012

    I use a name that I know & trust. DeLorme is a reputable company with reliable information & when I'm in Yarmouth, Me I always visit their store. It is both an informative & a "fun" place to visit. The staff is cordial & knowledgeable.

  • Jamie Burbridge - Four Stars

    I wish I spelt the words out. Somethime it's hard to understand exactly how to pronounce the word correctly.