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  • Litig8r1978 - A must-have item for your car

    I like to keep my car's interior as pristine as possible. As soon as I bought my new Ford Fusion, I purchased these Weathertech mats for them The mats fit my car's interior perfectly, keep dirt, water and mud off the auto's carpet and are easy to clean. I'd recommend these mats to you.

  • Elisse - Amazing stuff

    I bought this thinking that it will be great for my daughter, since she has curly hair. I decided to give it a try since my hair is pretty long and curly too, and gets extremely tangled after I wash it. I LOVED it!! I should have got this long ago since I am always going crazy brushing my hair and breaking some of it.

  • Karen K - Easy to use

    My husband had been debating over which v-slicer to get for about 5 years. Possibly longer. I finally bit the bullet and got us this one. I was hosting a party and like h... I was going to slice everything by hand. This slicer was perfect for tomatoes and other veggies. Cheese didn't go as well but I'll try again. I haven't sliced fruit yet but since it did so well on the tomatoes I'm confident this slicer will do the job.

  • Sherry P. - Great program.

    It makes it a lot easier to keep up with how much money you are spending. And it can tell you how much you spent on particular categories - such as entertainment or eating out.

  • ProfWasteland - Better than Apple Cinema Display HD

    This 27-inch monitor has as good or better resolution than the 23-inch Apple Cinema Display HD that it replaced. I use the display port from a MacBook Pro 13-inch, Early 2013 to drive it. Primarily use it for reading PDF's or working on MS Office documents- text looks great. I also had it hooked up to the HDMI output from a Dish TV cable box- need to go into the menu and switch off the auto-sync to source so cable doesn't come on when you switch off your computer, but then you also need to manually switch to the cable source when you want to watch TV. You will need a better sound system than the audio supplied by the monitor. The wall mount is 75 mm. Only down side is that when it is hooked up to your sleeping computer at night, the monitor flashes on once per hour for a few seconds saying "DP not detected". If this bothers you then unplug the cable before going to sleep.

  • Melissa - It works if you abstain as long as possible, drink lots of water, and correctly time the detox/test.

    My boyfriend needed to get clean for a new job. After lots of searching, I found this product online as it seemed like the most reputable, though we were both quite nervous given the mixed reviews. In short, it worked!