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  • Unyalimon - Best Gaming Mouse Pad ever

    I like a large page for gaming. I've tried several, and the smell of recent popular pads was overwhelming (nasty toxic rubber smell), so I had to toss them. My entire office stunk with just one pad in it. So, I went a little nuts and ordered about a dozen large pads including the SteelSeries QcK heavy black mousepad. This pad won, hands down. The foam rubber base is double the thickness of a typical large pad which, although different, is very comfortable and the mouse surface has just enough traction/resistance for my style, but is very smooth. Did I mention it's BIG - larger than any other pad I've seen - perfect for me. It is the most comfortable (and un-stinky) pad I've ever owned. I hope this is a reflection of quality in their other products but this pad is great.

  • another jenn - mostly great

    Wonderful products. I will say that I don't care for the cleanser, hence the 4/5 stars - I don't like the strong fragrance. As someone with acne and sensitive skin, I don't want to risk using ANY fragrance on my face, so I stick with Neutrogena Ultra Gentle creamy formula (scent free). But I love the other two products.