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CGP | Center for Genomic Pathology - The Center for Genomic Pathology specializes in training programs in comparative pathology (specialties: Pathology, Comparative Pathology, Genetically Engineered Mice, Mouse Models, Pathobiology, Distance Learning, E-learning, Online Education). We offer online courses in Comparative Pathology via UC Davis Extension program with an emphasis on mouse pathobiology. The online courses are intended for graduate students, research scientists, fellows and pathologists who are seeking training in mouse pathology with an emphasis on genetically engineered models. The courses and the modules are ideal for laboratory staff career development. Two of the offered E-Learning courses received the UPCEA Outstanding Distance Learning Award: Tier 1A (2010) & Tier 1B (2011). Tier 2 is offered to advanced students and principle investigators with organ-specific or special interests. Short course learning modules are available for needs in CE, CME and Career Development. This website also intends to provide information related to genomic pathology.

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  • Z. M. - Been using this for Years

    I'm a man of science. I'm educated in an Orthodox sense with a master's and a bachelor's. I consider I'm educated on the streetwise sense as well. My father is bald, my mother is balding, and my 23 year old brother is well on his way. Be it genetics or other common knowledge I should be bald at 30. However, I've been using this stage one consistently for 5 years. I believe my hair-loss is minimal to none. I'm a believer that this product works.


    An absolutely rubbish company. Try and dial any of their customer service numbers - THEY DON"T WORK!

  • Brianna Harter - Durable sewing machine, good for Beginners or Professionals

    I love this sewing machine! It is very sturdy and durable. The machine is easy to use and operate (especially since I am new to sewing). The paper directions can get a little confusing, but I would recommend watching a YouTube video to gain further understanding. So far the product is working effectively without any problems or concerns.

  • DarthCaedus - Good way to get back into Magic for cheap!

    I gave all my old cards to my brother a few years ago, and recently bought this toolkit for a mere $20. I have a coworker that insisted I get back into it so we could play. I sadly didn't get any mythic rare cards at all, but its still a good chunk of cards for the price! I also recently bought a fatpack as well. I'd recommend this to anyone getting back into magic, or trying to keep up with the standard tournament play, as each block rotates out over time. I'm only giving it 4 stars however, because I didn't receive any mythics. :(

  • DebraLilly - Overall okay but NO HAIR GROWTH RESULTS

    Initially, I was very excited to try this product, as it was my first time using any type of hair-growth product. I was attracted to the natural ingredients and lack of harmful chemicals. It has a very nice earthy smell and left my hair feeling clean and looking shiny. However, I had to wash my hair every day because the shampoo was adding oils and my hair felt very oily after the day. Additionally, the shampoo did not get "sudsy" and soapy when massaging it onto my head, which is usually what you expect from a shampoo. After using this product exclusively for over 9 months (along with the conditioner), I have seen ZERO hair growth results, which is the reason for the 3 stars.

  • TonyaW - Does exactly what I need it to do

    I only got this thing to supplement my workout regime. It gives me extra in area most needed and best of all I can be lazy doing it. It only gets three stars because it is cheaply manufactured but for the buck I've already gotten my money's worth. Buyer beware of turning up the intensity too fast on this thing it's shocks at certain levels HURT!!!