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  • kichijoji - Works & smells great

    I bought this after seeing several recommendations for it on YouTube. I have very dry, curly hair and this stuff has been great. It has a very thick consistency, smells awesome (a little like how the pink Herbal Essences smelled in the 90s), and has left my hair noticeably shinier over time. I've used this in a few different ways - sleeping with it in, mixing it with a couple pumps of conditioning oil, as a dry deep conditioner - and the performance has been equally good each time. There is a lot of product too; each jar lasts months for me.

  • karenkeel - Hair stylist 25 yrs. Buys it here!best price anywhere!

    I'm a salon manager with 25 years experience. So sad we don't Carry its a 10! It is the best. I order it here and get it cheaper than at my professional only wholesale beauty supply store! Can't beat price. Came same day!!!! Wow. How do they do that?! Get this product if your thinking about it. It's all I use in am. I spray real quick on my way out the door and finger dry in car and by time I get to work it's dry. Silky and let's my beach waves do their thing. Looks like I styled it that way! And if you have bleach in your hair, it will protect it and make your whole head of hair feel best it could possibly feel! I have fine hair and it doesn't weigh me down. Works great on all hair types. I want to know how they made this magic product! It really is amazing. Recommend to everyone who wants nice hair! Well worth the $ can't get it cheaper even if professional!

  • Senorita Repasa - Overly Expensive

    The American Girl company does a good job of education...their books are well written...but their dolls are hideously expensive, especially considering that other than hair and skin color they all look alike. For that price the company should be able to do some more life-like face sculpts.

  • J_316_ - nope.

    this just dried my hair out even more, its smells funny and I did not notice that it helped my hair at all. It could have and I just did not see enough of a difference to appreciate it but I would not buy it again, in fact I have tried other product since that I think work better.

  • Bond - What a great value! Wish I would have purchased one (water ...

    What a great value! Wish I would have purchased one (water flosser) years ago. We purchased as our child will have braces for the next 18 months so we tried it also and going to the dental hygenist for teeth cleaning with every use! If you think flossing helped....this product will up your teeth/gum health! Also, noticed waking up with less "morning breath" effect.