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  • Billy Fielder - Good Product!

    These work great! I put two in my RV. One for each of my daughter's. I have them linked so they can play the same movie or different movies. Then I have them linked to our big system and we can enjoy the same movie on three screens. That is a very nice capability. Easy to install. Liking it so far!

  • Bill E. Bissett - Good Stuff

    This is a quality product at a great price which combined with free prime shipping will enhance your engines lubrication. Easy starts in cold weather will extend engine life and ease your worries

  • Amanda - ITWORKS

    WAYYY overpriced on amazon and could even be expired ! To ensure the highest quality be sure to buy from an itworks distributor where you are gaureenteed good products , I get mine for ! You get a discount for becoming a loyal costomer and earn perk points ! Or you can simply buy one. If you have any questions you can ask them at the listed website !

  • Jackie - Problems after 1 year of use

    I have owned almost all of the Roxio Creator programs(My DVD, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2010pro). After 1 year of use they start crashing. Something will come up and tell you, You don't have a certificate or your trial is over. What trial? I bought the program. The technicians tell you to won't uninstall. Then if you finally do get it uninstalled you can't reinstall the program. The techinicians & support run you around in circles telling you the same thing over and over. While the program was working it was a great program. I have made many many movies to make sure my children and grandchildren enjoy their childhood pictures. I have given them away for wedding gifts, birthday gifts. But I am very disappointed that they only last 1 year. Money doesn't grow on trees. I have spent a lot of money on these programs for them only to last the year.

  • PMFPS - Wow!!!

    I love classic rock and roll ... and it doesn't get anymore classic than these guys. Their harmonies still weave magic and their songs still hit hard and as strong as ever. This is a great package deal, too ... 2 CDs of the concert plus the DVD of it as well.