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  • AmyAmes - Amazing lotion but pump won't work.

    I absolutely love this lotion but bc of the thick consistency the pump doesn't work properly. I've had one pump that actually worked and have been using the same pump for the last 3 months. The new pumps it comes with won't pump out any lotion :( I have this on my subscribe and save so I get a monthly shipment. The lotion is phenomenal and when it eats to the bottom, I have to cut the container bc the pump isn't long enough to suck it up.

  • Bable - BETA product at premium price

    Having worked with Office 2003 for PC since beta, Word, Excel and PP 2011 feels more refined and a bit more cohesive...barely.

  • EmpirestatePeach - Great growth serum with no mineral oil!

    I used this for some months last year and saw immediate results. So many vitamins and nutrients that are exactly for stimulating blood circulation in the scalp as well as protecting your hair and scalp. I love this product. I think I used to much too quickly however because I have dry scalp. Otherwise this is good stuff. Its hard to find where I currently am so thankfully it is on Amazon. the price is the same as in stores when you consider shipping. Happy hair growing!!

  • Apryl - Weehoo is awesome!

    First of all, this trailer is great. Obviously, you should put sunglasses or some sort of protection covering over your child's eyes. However, there is a nice bumper to help keep them safe. It is really easy to put together. If you are having issues, go to the Weehoo site and you can watch them. The only thing that kind of bothered me was that it didn't provide the hex wrench (I had it, but I'm sure other's might not). It took me 40 minutes to put it together. The only thing I will add is that you CAN buy additional accessories from Weehoo directly, but it not the storage basket (which I wanted, but that's ok). There is an all weather cover made for it which I intend to buy but haven't yet. There's plenty of storage in the back of the seat (there's a pocket, the panniers, and on the sides of the seat). There is also a cup holder for the kiddo. I am really happy with this purchase!