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  • A rvwr from SATX - I bought this since I wasn't sure my 2009 version would do all I wanted to do.

    I copied several CD's the other weekend and when I went to play a couple of them, they were horrible. Both started off fine but then one would not go beyond the second track, the other went to the fourth but was choppy from that point on. I thought it was the original disk, but it wasn't - maybe it was just those blank CDs. My other issue was copying a DVD of some family photos, it didn't want to copy the original disk (gave me an error that was too nebulous to discern), but it copied a copy just fine. It may just be me, but whenever I used my Roxio 2009 version I never had any problems whatsoever.

  • Just some random guy - Better than a glossy German fashion magazine from the 1980s

    I think the review by Tim Bell ( is unfair. My wife is from the Soviet Union, and she says this book is vastly superior to the German fashion magazine Burda that first appeared in the Soviet Union (in Russian) in 1987, during the height of toilet paper shortages. Glossy pages must be prepared at length before use, by first crinkling, and then rubbing the sheets of the paper against the sharp edge of a desk or table to soften them (a lengthy process), and even then, they are thoroughly non-absorbent and really not up to the job. Cory Bernardi's book, on the other hand, is printed on softer, more absorbent paper, so prep time is much shorter.