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RADIESSE, JUVEDERM ,RESTYLANE ,MACROLANE, SURGIDERM ,TEOSYAL ,STYLAGE ,XEOMIN ,SCULPTRA , BOTOX AND OTHER DERMAL FILLERS - PHARMO BEAUTY - We offer a wide range of products among the best laboratories in the world. All our products are certified 100% authentic and can be delivered anywhere in the world.

  • High Grade Quality Baby and Adult Diapers - PHARMO BEAUTY - Baby diapers features: 1.Nonwoven top sheet, soft and comfortable texture like silk 2.Standing leak guards prevent liquid from leakage 3.Leg cuffs offer double protection 4.Soft pulp layer assure high absorbency, lock away, without flowing back 5.Adding Sandia polymer SAP (super absorbent polymer) ...
  • Quality BBQ Hardwood Charcoal - PHARMO BEAUTY - 1.6 hours burning time 2.white ash 3% 3. without crackle in surface 4.without any chemical 5.Fun&easy tool for BBQ bamboo sawdust briquette charcoal bbq 1) made from 100% natural bamboo sawdust 2) smokeless non-toxic odourless 3) ignite quickly 4) last burning for 6hours

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    City: 126.9741 , Republic of Korea

  • n0ne - DON'T BUY!!!!

    This system at first seemed to fit my needs perfectly. The crossbars a first glance appear to be constructed well and feel sturdy. So when I started the installation with the back bar, I thought this is great! Simple to install and the bar seemed to fit perfectly and sealed well once the screws were sunk it. Then I tried installing the front cross bar. Boom! My happiness went down the drain. The mounting fixtures with the screw holes are set to close together. There is no way for the screw holes in the bar to align with the screw holes on my CR-V.

  • Steve Stark - A real cost savings

    At my hospital, we once required patients to take a barium enema before a colon endoscopy. Now, we prescribe 5 of these little gems. Within two hours the patient is completely cleansed. Saves us thousands per year. Thank you, Haribo!

  • MR.Spazzington - Records clear audio great for spying AND recording lectures in class!

    Upon opening the package everything was in order, everything was included. Reading the reviews before purchasing rendered me a bit iffy because a lot of them say to be very still while recording but that can look SUPER obvious, I don't need to spy on anyone but I used it to record my class session, I asked my professor if it was okay to record the lecture and he said fine! I was sitting in a big lecture hall, about in the middle, over 200 students in the class, and I was able to hear the recording perfectly, I was writing notes with the pen so the speaker was always up and on the right side. The USB cable connected to my laptop and I got the sound file easily using Windows 10. Haven't used the video feature to record anything yet but I toyed with it and it's pretty clear, but like I mentioned earlier best to be still with it, being a pen it will shake a lot!