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Employee & Community Health - Mayo Clinic Employee and Community Health delivers primary care services to community members living in Rochester Minnesota and surrounding communities.

  • Locations - Employee & Community Health - Mayo Clinic Employee and Community Health has many locations and ways to access care.
  • Care Team - Employee & Community Health - Care teams include nurse practitioners and physician assistants, registered nurses, licensed nurses, medical assistants, clinical assistants and you.
  • Find a Care Team - Employee & Community Health - It is important for everyone to have a primary care provider and team partnering with them in sickness and in health. We will help you connect with a care team.
  • Primary Care - Employee & Community Health - Your primary care team is your home base for getting the care you need in the most convenient and supportive ways possible.
  • Need Care Now - Employee & Community Health - We offer several options for quick, convenient care for minor illnesses and injuries, in addition to your primary care office location.
  • Prevention & Wellness - Employee & Community Health - It’s much easier to prevent a disease than it is to treat one. Staying up-to-date on vaccinations and screenings can help you stay healthy.
  • Frequently Asked Questions - Employee & Community Health - Find quick answers to some of the top questions that people ask Mayo Clinic Employee and Community Health. Helpful links are provided to useful information.
  • Contact Us - Employee & Community Health - Quickly find the phone numbers for appointment and nurse line.Gain accesss to your Patient Online Services Portal.

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