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  • Adrienne Jones - Sprained Uterus

    I bought these pens for my wife. I assumed they would be safe for her since they are specifically for ladies but she used these for no more than two days before she sprained her uterus.

  • Jeremy Lockhart - Great shoes

    These shoes are fantastic. Great fit. True to size. Break in extremely fast. Very comfortable shoe. I hope Nike makes the 2015 flex run similar to the 2013 and not the slim flimsy 2014 model.

  • Martha B. - This is a great product; I live in Maui

    This is a great product; I live in Maui, Hawaii and I first found this product at Wal-Mart for the same price I paid through the website. I liked it so much because it doesn't go on greasy and has a pleasant scent, almost like you were applying regular lotion. The only negative on this product is that it only lasts about 2 hours, so if you're going hiking or any other place where you'll be for a longer period of time, either bring the product with you for re-application or use the regular spray OFF product.

  • jonas190 - Not the worst

    This is definitely not the worst movie I've seen. I went into it with low expectations. Kevin Sorbo>The Rock when it comes to the titular character, but at least the campy charm is present in both portrayals. I'm certainly no prude, but the occasional foul language just seemed a little out of place to me in this movie. And I'm still waiting for a film that uses accents from the region it's set in.

  • >/.\< - Covers an important topic, but lacks substance

    It seems that in most cases that nonfiction authors are motivated by one of two things when creating their works. Some feel that they have some sort of information that needs sharing, and use books as a way to get their word out. These authors have a true passion for their topic, which clearly shows when reading their books. Others are driven purely by profit. Sadly, it seems that the latter is true of Donna Gates and her Body Ecology Diet. Though this book does cover an important topic, it lacks substance and fails to deliver. However, it may be a good source for someone used to only mainstream health books and wanting a simple primer on the subject.

  • Amazon Customer - Dont Be Fooled

    I cannot even fathom where to start about this product. I had no idea i was to be billed for every month after the free trial bottle. It's true, like the rest everyone said; it's not free. It is a SCAM. Their terms and conditions, read it all before you purchase it or you'll be an unhappy costumer like me. If you don't, you could end being billed for over 130 bucks on it. Luckily I was billed for 64.99. But still, what a scam. Cannot believe I couldn't get a refund on it. So please please be careful.