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McGill University - Continuing Professional Development (CPD) - The CPD Office accredits continuing medical education/professional development activities for health care professionals and provides continuing professional development for physicians in order to sustain their competence in the CanMEDS roles in caring for the diverse patient populations in Quebec's practice environment. The CPD Office contributes to lifelong learning by means of relevant and learner-centered onsite and distance educational programs.

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  • MrsHNV - These are wonderful mashed potatoes

    Most instant potatoes contain sulfites. Actually a lot of white things are sulfited to keep them from browning. Sometimes there are artificial flavors too. I use very few prepared food items--not because I want to do everything myself but because so many prepared items contain things I do not want to eat or feed to my family. Over the years I did often use instant mashed potatoes of one brand or another. But then when I became sulfite sensitive I needed to stop eating them. And it was sad to lose such a handy item which would keep on the shelf and that people liked and which could go with so many dinners.

  • S. Magliocco - It works well

    Shipping was incredibly fast. I had the treadmill within days of my order. Trust me - have the delivery company bring the package into the house because it's VERY heavy.

  • Colleen Cooper - Your guests will never know!

    For a vegan, soy free, GMO free, gluten free product???? It is amazing, and there is no other that I have yet discovered. I just bought the mozzarella blend and made vegan artichoke and spinach dip with it, and my guests could not tell the difference! I have used it on pizza, and for lasagna, and it worked really well. My next challenge is breakfast burritos to see if my family can taste a difference. I am betting they won't. As someone who enjoys real cheese and dairy, this is pretty darn close to the real thing.