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  • matt watts - Juice Plus

    Since starting taking this product after 4 months my chest triglycerides have dropped by more than half and my cholesterol more than 80 points no other changes in llifestyle or diet

  • Amazon Customer - I was pretty skeptical after reading the reviews

    This totally works! I was pretty skeptical after reading the reviews, it seemed like it was a 50/50 shot. I used exactly as directed, drank two bottles of water before, drank this, then another bottle after and some Gatorade. Went in for my pre-employment drug screen about 2-hours after consuming the drink. Got my results back today and I passed! I did quit smoking 3-weeks prior, so Im sure that helped me as well, but all my home drug tests were coming up faint negative, and I mean SUPER faint, almost non existent. I tested myself one more time about an hour after I drank this and I got a solid negative, then went in for my test. Highly recommend! Thanks Qcarbo32!!!

  • sumogirl - Comfortable!

    I love love love these shoes. I've ben trying to find a shoe with a wide toe box and these fit the bill.I'm not a runner so not sure how they work for that,but I do hike and walk and these are perfect.