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  • Roxie L. Roes - This is a great tribute to fathers!

    This is a wonderful children's book that, I feel, does justice to fathers everywhere. I am excited to read it to my grandchildren next time they come. So many books demean fathers these days and this one is perfect for children who love their dads. Thank you for the wonderful book Lily. I highly recommend this book for all ages.

  • J. Nelson - Poor PR and office management

    I ordered directly from esalon after reading reviews; unfortunately the color received was too dark (light brown) for my 90% gray hair. I emailed them asking to change the color for the next order. When I didn't get a reply, I went back into the site, filled out a new profile and reordered. 2 days later email from esalon requested that I phone since they couldn't retreive the new profile. I telephoned and was repeatedly asked did I do a new profile? and then asked how they could know what to send without more information. Voice quality and tone were borderline condescending. When they had received the order but misplaced the profile why the attitude? I realize that she is not the company only the frontline representative, but I was put off by the experience and intend to cancel the order and make an appointment at the salon, a usual.

  • UltraB - WOW! 25 Painful Minutes!

    I've been a pretty high mileage runner for the past 5 years (several marathons and ultras) and my body has gotten to the point where I can almost literally run sleeping. As such, It has become harder and harder for me to keep from gaining weight even with a relatively stable diet. Several friends mentioned biking, swimming, P90x, or crossfit and the like as cross training to workout some underworked muscles and wake things up. As a busy father of 3 school-aged kids and as someone who refuses to sacrifice my running for something else entirely, I was not keen on any of those options. When I happened across a commercial for this, I decided I had finally found something that might be worth it. I'm still in my first week and let me tell you, I am feeling pain in musclesthat haven't been sore in years. The workouts are non-stop and intense. There's a little timer in the corner showing you how much time is left in the particular move you are doing as well as the entire 25 minute workout. I'm sweating more from 25 minutes of this than I do from a 5 mile run, for sure. If you want to wake your fitness routine up without making any drastic life changes or flipping tires, this might be the workout for you, too.

  • millipede - Pleasant Surprise Converting from XP

    After miserably difficult and ultimately futile efforts to migrate a large number of automated applications in Office XP to Windows 7 and Office 2007, I was advised by an expert to skip Office 2007 and work with Office 2010. To be sure, VBA code needs new library references, file extensions have to be converted, and some other adjustments must be made. That being done, though, I was able to convert many large, complicated Office XP applications to Office 2010, which now run smoothly and faster on Windows 7.

  • D. P. Lyle - And enough bad guys to fill an auditorium

    Escape Clause is vintage John Sandford. This Virgil Flowers installment finds Virgil on the trail of tiger thefts and the sordid world of traditional medicine manufacturing. And enough bad guys to fill an auditorium. Witty and fast paced as usual.