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  • ned1644 - Wheel falls off. Programming stoped working

    Wheel falls off continuously like so many others. We have tried teflon tape on the axle, but after only 4 months of daily use, this should not be happening. We have hardwood floors with one area rug. Roomba does fine with changing from floor to rug and I don't think the floors are abusive to this wheel! After paying $500+ for this vacuum cleaner, I'm pretty upset about this design flaw. I've contacted their customer service, but so far have not received a response. I love the idea of the Roomba, and it has saved me lots of work, but the one star is for the annoyance factor.

  • matt kramer - A True Netbook

    The chromebook is exactly what a netbook should have been. It is basically a cheap device that lets you surf the internet with the convenience of a keyboard....nothing more and nothing less. I actually prefer this to an ipad or any other tablet for two simple reason. 1) it is half the price of an ipad and 2) it has a physical keyboard. By no means does the device feel cheap. I would say you are getting far more quality than $250 worth. The best way to describe the keyboard would be a that of a macbook air, but slightly cheaper feeling (more plastic). The trackpad is also very good...better than 3/4 of the ones on current PC's. I am use to using a mac, so you can change the trackpad to scroll similarly by going to trackpad settings in the chrome browser and choosing "enable simple scrolling".

  • Michael R - I was never unsure about being able to drink the lake water and it actually tasted really good!

    I just used this in the Boundary Waters and was very impressed with how clean it made the water. I was never unsure about being able to drink the lake water and it actually tasted really good!

  • Mhali - Heavy and greasy!!!

    After reading all the good reviews I thought I would love it. But shea moistures is way better. I tried using it for a twist out, after washing and before adding my extensions and eventually I ended up giving it to a friend who was anxious to try it. It just made my hair feel heavy like there was a grease build up.

  • DogMomof2 - Great, long lasting too

    I just started using this and I love it so much more than any other hairspray I have ever used. Keep in mind that I have only probably used 5 other kinds, but still! I was previously using one from Sally's that was their brand and the sprayer kept getting clogged. I ended up with hairspray all over my face before work one morning.

  • Jolee Shuler - I was skeptical but put it to the test. ...

    I was skeptical but put it to the test. It really does work and I will never drink without it again! I couldn't be more sold on this product! This will actually be my 4th and 5th bottle. I was reluctant to believe such a product exist but let me tell you first hand it does!!

  • Sue Mahar - Great for an ice cream junkie

    Got this for Christmas, and I love it! Can't understand the negative comments. Yes, it does take time to take it apart and wash it (about 30 seconds to break it down and stick it in the dishwasher) and there is a little left in the tube, but you can push it out when you take it apart. My favorite "mash-up" is a couple bananas and a small handful of chocolate chips. Yummy!