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  • katwoman - One of some of the best "best of" rock and roll music bands ever

    One of some of the best "best of" rock and roll music bands ever. You will be the envy of every driver on the road watching you "dance while you drive". Your home will be perpetually clean if you listen while cleaning. Your neighbors will want to borrow it to record a copy. Your children will once again become embarrassed when they see you dancing while washing the car..... right beside your grandchildren who are dancing with you.

  • haganarrett - Great product for the money

    I have an iPhone 7 as well as my whole family. They all love tempered glass and prefer it more than the other products that are out there. I can't stand the plastic screen protectors. It drives me crazy at how much ineffective they are. They virtually do nothing in my opinion. Tempered glass however, does do a lot. It acts not only to maintain the screen quality and beauty of the images, but does a great job in being durable and protective from abrasions and scratches.

  • MANDY - I usually take a while to make my department's schedule as I try to make sure I can make all my partner's happy. After I started

    First of all, Mandy is my wife, she had credit on here so I used her account to buy this, lol. I felt the difference right away. The day after I took the PM capsules I woke up a while before my alarm feeling quite refreshed. I took my AM capsules and started my day and while at work I felt I was thinking clearly, a lot more than before using these. I usually take a while to make my department's schedule as I try to make sure I can make all my partner's happy. After I started taking Master Brain I found myself finishing the schedule in record time!! One time though I woke up feeling refreshed more than a hour before my alarm was supposed to go off and I messed up by going back to bed. When I woke up the refreshed feeling had weakened some. So when you wake up refreshed I would not recommend going back to sleep.

  • ercadm - The Best Router as of Dec 2014

    The Router Currently available (Dec 2014) but not without it's own issues! Just like owning a race car, you are going to find it requires much more 'tweaking' to take advantage of all the features, not to mention just finding the sweet spot for those not in to all the technical stuff. Yes, you can go pretty much fully "automatic" with this by right out of the box plug and play but you are going to find yourself in the Administration of each WAN/LAN and WIFI areas. Personally speaking, as an IT Professional, I have found the video streaming to be the biggest complaints (initially). Maybe I'm just old school, but I like "Manual" control over things just because I know what is going on, however with this router having the ability to utilize its 'ADAPTIVE QOS' it can make some serious improvements OVER TIME! The key here is TIME.. because it is monitoring things you can't expect instant solutions, as I have found utilizing my ROKU device while screaming at the TV every time Monday Night Football would start "buffering"..of course right when the play was on 1st and goal and it would return to the live stream after the touchdown has taken place.. but I digress..

  • BronteFan - Good luck when it starts wearing off.

    Yes, it will make your floors shine...for a while. Then it begins to wear off, leaving an ugly white, waxy residue that has to be scraped off. We used this on our floors, and after a while it wore off in streaks. When trying to remove the rest of it, we had to get down on our hands and knees and scrape it off with Brillo pads. If that hadn't worked, we would have had to hire a floor repair company to remove this gunk. This leaves such a think residue that scraping didn't even harm the wood. Get your floors professionally refinished properly. This is a temporary solution that only leads to more aggravation later on.