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  • G. Shane - This book shocked me

    A great, great book. I stopped taking my Prevacid before I finished the second chapter. Dr. Wright exposes how the medical profession treats the problem of a little bit of stomach acid in the wrong place (your esophagus) by almost completely neutralizing your stomach acid with powerful drugs. But without stomach acid, you can't absorb nutrients properly, and you can't prevent bacteria growth in your stomach! Thank God I found this book, or I would have taken those pills forever, and my symptoms weren't even that bad. I needed to change a few eating habits, not get rid of stomach acid forever. I was honestly taken aback that doctors could be so ignorant of the importance of stomach acid for your health, and so willing to casually prescribe a powerful (and profitable) pill to simply make the symptoms go away without treating the cause.

  • Sandrah B. - It Stuck and Didn't Stink

    I glued down a whole section of Formica counter top in an old bathroom. I did no special preparation. I just squirted in the glue and clamped it together for 4 hours. Instructions say 2 hours, but I wanted to be sure it stayed stuck. It's now six days later and I see no sign of separation. Another real plus for this product is that it had no smell, at least none that I noticed.

  • Asdaf Werty - wife accidentally bought this for me

    I added this to my wishlist so I could come back and read more reviews, and my wife bought it for me. I was somewhat surprised. Luckily we were able to send it back as it's not cheap! She laughed when she finally understood, and I could stop laughing to explain.

  • frankiejane - Perfect

    The weight listed is 8.8 lbs. but this actually weighs around 10.5 pounds. Don't care, much lighter than the other stroller that I had. Love that it folds so easily and, this may seem silly, but my favorite part is the release on the child restraint. One push on the center button and it releases. No more pushing separate sides to get my fussy granddaughter out of the carriage.The only down side to this stroller is because it is so light weight, hanging a diaper bag on it without the counter balance of the baby tends to tip the stroller backwards.

  • J. Teal - Doesn't last

    I decided to wait several months before writing a review because I wanted to know what the long-term results were like. At first I was thrilled with the results we achieved with this product. It looked beautiful, like a brand new granite countertop! But after a few months, the countertop started to stain. Even a drop of temporary hair dye that was wiped up IMMEDIATELY was forever embedded into the surface. And then a few months later, the top coat started to peel off - it started to look like it was badly sunburned. I wish I could recommend this product, but it just doesn't last.

  • mtgabber - Great Info

    Great book for those who do road trips. It gives you all the info on all the major highways exits. Wish I had purchased this years ago. You will not be disappointed.