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  • mike - Absolutely satisfied by this service

    Absolutely satisfied by this service. Installation was quick and simple. Scans daily or on command without interfering active work. Tech support is professional and handles every situation quickly. I'll be sticking with these guys for a while. For the price it's a solid investment.

  • Nathan Zbrudzewski - Rate the deck not the price

    I don't know why other reviewers are rating the item low, when the merchants are the ones who deserve a low rating. But people will pay any price if they don't have direct access to it.

  • John Pozatron - Creepy toe socks? Muscle compression? Yes please

    The compression is legit. I can further creep people out by wearing knee-highs with my 'toe shoes' or 'weird finger water shoes'

  • Radio Lover Jeff - Ergo-Mat is great

    This is by far the best mouse pad I've tried. It's a little larger than the others I've tried so you don't run off the pad at all. It's real memory foam covered with a very durable fabric. It's 3/4" thick in the back, 1/2" in the front, 8 3/4" in length and 8 1/2" in width. No matter where your wrist is at on the pad it cushions the wrist with at least 1/2" of memory foam, slopes down toward the front keeping the wrist straight and stays where you put it like it's glued there. I'm going to get more of these for gifts and spares.

  • Alyssa Bruno - WOW!

    I have never written a review before but I felt it was completely necessary this time... I ordered two bottles because of the good reviews I saw and because I was becoming desperate. My overall goal is to grow longer hair because I cut my hair a year ago and it has grown back very slowly since then and I hate having a short cut -it just doesn't suite me.... So when I received this product, I upped the dosage to 3-4 pills a day and have been so excited about the quick results. I've only went through 1.5 bottles and my hair has already grown 4 inches longer. I just ordered 5 more bottles because it's working so well! My hair is shinier, stronger, and overall much healthier since I started taking these. I am very satisfied so thank you so very much!

  • Roso - Fascinating historical fiction

    Two women, one Protestant, one Catholic, flee Ireland and the potato famine in 1851. The two women sail into New York City with little more than a few dollars and a promise that Maeve’s brother will somehow find them there. When he fails to appear, the girls lose all their money to a shyster and end up penniless in the tenement slums of New York. Working as seamstresses for little more than pennies, the girls gradually save their money and establish a reputation for excellence in their work. Then Victoria’s secret comes out, and she and Maeve find themselves penniless and alone once more. Can they rebuild their lives and their friendship? Wallace writes a story about the immigrants that made our country great, something especially important to remember now