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  • Kristi Werner - 5 yr was bored! But 3 year was entertained!

    I expected more out of this story... It was very boring for my 5 year old. My 3 year old got kinda a kick out of it though, that is why I gave it 3 stars!

  • nick8785 - Be careful

    There was no way for me to redeem the 3 month free trial because the Leaflet was not inside of the game. I'm highly upset with this purchase!!!!

  • T. Shields - Enough Changes to Make you Hate it.

    Like most programs Street Atlas attempts to do everything for everyone and in doing so makes the original reason you bought it 10 years ago moot. I won't buy it again. There is just enough problem with the functional items I used that disappeared to irritate me a whole lot. There is nothing to "plus" about...I would rename it "minus"...

  • jksurferdad - These are an easy choice over OEM racks

    Great product. Instructions were sufficient. You need to look at the illustration to know which side of the bars is the right and which is the left side. The right side has two screws under the end cover that allow the end to adjust the length of the bar. The left side only has one screw under the end cover and no adjustment slot in the end, so it stays fixed. If you unscrew the cover and see only one screw, put the cover on because you have the wrong (left) side.

  • spooky - If you can afford it, absolutely worth it

    Rez Infinite and Thumper make this system spectacular from day one. I wear pretty bulky glasses and have zero issue. It is super comfortable. For the price Sony has done very well. Looking forward to Eagle Flight and Star Trek.

  • Hollyann - Batteries failed after a week and adhesive does not resist Texas heat

    In Texas heat the adhesive sticker does not stay in the same place on the windshield. Also the rechargeable batteries failed after a week to keep the device on for longer than 5 minutes without the power plugged in...

  • myriad song - I thinks its working...;)

    I don't know if this product is working or if its all in my head???? I do know that I seem to be getting better (and thats all I really care about ;). Ive had candida before and the lengths I had to go to get rid of it were tiring. I HATED the candida diet. But supposedly with threelac you don't have to worry about that. However, I tried to do a cadida-esque diet but... it only lasted a week (LOL). So I have been taking threelac for almost 2 months now and I finally seem to be getting back to normal. Now two months may sound like a long time but keep in mind I pretty much ate and eat what I want ( which would make health nuts/natural foods nutritionists SCREAM). I should also mention that I had to start with only one packet a day and work my way up to what ever my body could handle. Which turned out to be four but that was to costly so I am taking three. As I said I have been taking it for two months and now I can graduate to five lac. That only requires a packet or two a day for maintainence so we will see how that goes.