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  • M. Giardino - Love the fit of these shoes

    Love the fit of these shoes. I can wear these shoes 12+ hours with no problems. I have received many compliments for the shoes. I am anticipating getting another pair as a backup.

  • disappointed in leapfrog - FALSE ADVERTISING

    The camera and video app doesn't allow the full 2GB memory to be used as advertised. Once more than 1.2GB of apps is loaded onto the leappad, the camera app doesn't allow pictures to be taken. LeapFrog was contacted about this issue and has stated this is how it is designed and will not issue a software update to address this problem. A class action law suite is being filled against Leapfrog for false advertising regarding this issue.

  • Robin Richardson - Frankincense has many great benefits, very strong frangrance

    This oil came packaged very well. The dropper and the bottle were both wrapped in bubble wrap. I read about the benefits of the Frankincense oil and thought I would give it a try. I have used it in homemade hand scrubs and it is very soothing. There are many uses like cleaning, bathing, and using for dental care. I haven't tried all of them but I am excited to. The oil is very strong and I wouldn't suggest just sticking it up to your nose. It isn't watered down or thinned at all. I would recommend this oil to anyone looking for the benefits of Frankincense.

  • Amera Allaithy - ... item 3 months ago and I must say I LOVE IT! My hair has grew so long and ...

    I recently bought this item 3 months ago and I must say I LOVE IT! My hair has grew so long and the amount of split ends I have has decreased tremendously I absolutely love it and the price just makes this product even more amazing.

  • hungryman - Very cool glasses, but if you're a guy go for the 53mm

    Had to buy these online because none of the stores that sold Ray Ban frames had the 53mm on display to try on, they only had the 50mm which is way too small for an adult male head unless yours is exceptionally small. They're also a lot cheaper here on Amazon than in stores. They're definitely real despite the "made in China" marking, since they do manufacture these in China, but of course you should be weary of the seller. I got mine from Sunglass Express or something like that. Now I just need to get my prescription lenses put in which I'll do at Sam's Club or Walmart.

  • Kochergal - If you like the Aveda calming tea, read this review!

    I bought this tea because I love the Aveda calming tea, and several of the reviews said it was very similar. I was also concerned because several reviews said the mint was way too strong. The directions say to steep the tea for 5-10 minutes. If you do that, you will get a VERY strong mint flavor and it is overwhelming (not like the tea from the salon). I tried it twice, once I left it about 10 minutes and the second I left it at least 5 minutes (possibly more). So I tried it again but only let it steep for about 3 minutes and it is MUCH better. The flavor is more mild and the flavors meld together better. I might even try it a little less (maybe two minutes) as I really like more subtle tea. Obviously you can't beat the price, and if you play around with the times, you will get something similar to the Aveda calming tea for a much better price.