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  • G. R. Overturf - As advertised, a great find!

    I had some of this years ago and loved it, so wanted more to fix the tightness on my laptop hinges. It was hard to find but worth it. Lubed the hinges on the laptop so it now opens without cracking the plastic!

  • Kim H. - This is not a book.

    Simply stated, this is a teaser for a series. It is not a book. It is not even a short story. These would require some form of conclusion. There is no conclusion. No climax. No resolution that leads to anywhere. Girl gets kidnapped. Girl bonds with captor. Girl is reunited with a friend and then Girl... time to buy the second "book." The writing is average. The grammar is painful.Typos abound. There is very little plot development and the ideas are only slightly original. I do not understand how this could be 155 printed pages if it was only 147 screens on my Galaxy phone.