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CataflamPRO® - Curta o Movimento - Não deixe a dor te deter. Cataflam<sup>®</sup> oferece uma variedade de produtos para ajudar você a se mover novamente. Cataflam<sup>®</sup> – O Prazer do Movimento.

Country:, North America, US

City: -122.1826 California, United States

  • R. Lawson - I am very happy.

    I think this works.....I have one in each room in my house and I can honestly say I have not seen any kind of a bug. I would see spiders or see a web they had started to build, but now I do not see any signs of spiders, ants or any bugs. When I first plugged in the units I did see a few bugs, but some people have reported they come out of hiding to get away from the ultrasonic sound. I am very happy.

  • Jeff S. - No more spiders. It just works!

    It's rare that a product works so well that I chose to use my time to write a review. This is obviously one of those products. Everywhere I've sprayed - indoors and out (covered areas only) - I've seen NO spiders or webs since I used it 3 weeks ago. The stuff just works! Of course, time will tell how LONG it works, but as of now this product has exceeded my expectations, and I'm ordering more.

  • Edward - Keep away from cats!

    Comes nicely packaged in a tin container, but that's a little bit boring. I took mine out, played with it for a bit, then put it in a metal box for safekeeping. Unfortunately, it appears that I have also sealed my cat in the box as well. I am forced to assume that my cat is alive and dead until I can observe her well-being. :/

  • Nicole M. Rios - Seems to be making me break out

    Don't know how well this works for hair and nails, but my skin has started breaking out. Bad. Not just my face, but my chest, shoulders, and back. This is the only thing different in my diet/lifestyle, so I think I am going to discontinue use and see if it clears up...

  • Amazon Customer - Seat is too high, but the quality is good

    We've tried this on our two kids, ages 3 and 18 months, and the problem with it is that the seat is too high off the ground for the age of kid that should be using it. I'm going to try another brand that has a lower seat height, and wish I'd bought that one earlier.

  • anola martin - no good

    The belt rolled up from the bottom a lot and still have not seen results. I use the product every day, twice a day as recommended and do the sucking in of the tummy and stii no results. I hate I wasted my money