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  • jessie - good product in just a week.

    Ive given this about a week and a half and already see pretty decent results. The trick really is file the thick nails down first, then add the medicine once a day. When nails get thick again file again. The yellow has gone away pretty significantly in a relatively short time. I am using this product with another product called 'Fungi Nail Toe and Foot Ointment'. However I suspect this one is superior because it has a lower PH level. Some of you might not know why PH is important, so simply put it allows the chemicals to penetrate the nail faster. I will update this review in about a month.

  • Mike68W - Good but with a major flaw (the battery)

    Yes it's pretty but without a working battery it's not much more than a paperweight. Battery died after only 6 months of use, Toshiba charged me $120 for a warratny replacement that has yet to ship 2 months later (backorded).

  • Aerychi - Not worth it

    With all of the good reviews, I figured this would be the only guidebook we would need for our 1 week vacation/honeymoon to Japan. Keep in mind that we don't speak Japanese and we have no idea as to were the good restaurants/entertainment are. We only went to Tokyo and Kyoto and this book has huge sections on both, however it seems more like an ad book than anything else because each recommendation has a sentence or two about what you can find there and the address. I guess I was expecting more photos with mentions of only THE BEST places to go to. It seems that this book has way too many places to visit and they aren't really relevant or interesting.

  • David Supplee - Great product, find a different seller though!

    The product is perfect - the seller, not so!!! I ordered the FLAT floor protector for my new Escape. Unfortunately, the seller felt it was cheaper to roll the FLAT piece into a 8" roll to fit into a 8" square box to ship. When it arrived, it was kinked and twisted - had to set in the sun for several days just for it to lay flat and it still has the kinks in it from being rolled up. Not cool.....

  • Nathalie - This book has me excited about cooking again!

    I have been following Gina through her blog for a few years. I have always LOVED her recipes. They are light and full of flavor. With a growing family, this book immediately spoke to me. Fast recipes for busy weeknight? Slow cooker recipes so there dinner is on the table when coming home from work? YES! YES! It was a no-brainer that I needed (yes, needed) this cookbook.