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Kaylor - Cari. Lesbian. She/Her. Kaylor, Clexa and Larry shipper with occasional Swanqueen. kik messenger cari373. lmk your screen name here if u add me on kik. ❤ Anyone from my ships is welcome to message me...

  • sherlocksquad: swiftie-slovakia: Me:... - Kaylor - sherlocksquad: “ swiftie-slovakia: “ Me: *searches what Michelle Pfeiffer looked like when she was young* Me: OH MY GOD ARE YOU SERIOUS?! ” ”
  • CDAN on Taylor - Kaylor - CDAN on Taylor taytaysbeard: “Enty knows! “I have said before it is not the tabloids’ job to out someone. However, I also don’t think they...
  • Rules of shipping - Kaylor - Rules of shipping oliro9: “ taytaysbeard: “ whaler13bg: “ I see devoted Swifties are ready to accept Tay being in rs with Gigi, Ruby, Cara (who’s next? Hailee) practically with every queer gal of her...
  • tea-time-with-taylor: justprocaffeinating:... - Kaylor - tea-time-with-taylor: “ justprocaffeinating: “ “Taylor is someone I call if I want to have a fun night out as much as a cozy night in.” –Karlie Kloss ” Considering we never get candids anymore of fun...
  • meridithswifts: Cara Delevingne is seen leaving... - Kaylor - meridithswifts: “ Cara Delevingne is seen leaving Taylor Swift’s apartment early morning on September 29, 2016 in New York City. ”
  • Before you is an Elixir Of Immortality. Your body... - Kaylor - Anonymous said: Before you is an Elixir Of Immortality. Your body will stop aging at your physical peak (usually mid-20s to early-30s depending on the person), and baring a horrific accident or...
  • hadrian6: Hercules at the Feet of Omphale.... - Kaylor - hadrian6: “Hercules at the Feet of Omphale. 1912. Gustave Claude Etienne Courtois. French 1853-1923. oil/canvas. ” I’m not sure why, but this painting fascinates me
  • Date a girl who says things like: - Kaylor - Date a girl who says things like: sadxmachine: “ •drive safe •text me when you’re home safe •choke me harder •I can’t wait to see you •I’m proud of you ” First of all, except for the choking one,...

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  • Ksc001 - Great kindle first choice!!

    I really liked the flow of this book. Each chapter alternates between before and after the main event of the book. I thought I knew how it would end but there was a twist and I was wrong. I couldn't put the book down. I felt the characters were well developed and relatable and I really liked how the main character changed as the book progressed.

  • W. Swardstrom - Fantastic Find

    I kept getting recommendations from Amazon and other places to buy and read this book. Finally I ran out of excuses a couple of months ago and I am glad I gave in. Fluency is a terrific tale of first contact with an alien race. Told from the perspective of a non-astronaut, Dr. Jane Holloway, a linguist, who is along on the trip to hopefully help find an “Alien Rosetta Stone,” of a sort. Instead, Holloway herself ends up being the Rosetta Stone and we see what happens in deep space when you begin to question all you know, your own sanity, and even your crewmates. Fluency is well done and I am intrigued by what Wells will offer us next.

  • WillTheThrill - Must-read book on what is wrong with the world economy today

    Although nobody knows what the end game will be to the world's mountains of debt and crazy central banker policies, at least this book tells you the facts to counter the silly dribble and dangerous policies of central bankers.

  • Houston Happy - Awesome product!

    This product was suggested to me by a group of nurses. The doctors that they work for recommend this to their patients. So, I had to try it. I've been using it for over a year and it definitely works. I don't have to take it year round because my allergies are seasonal and I have learned to use it during the high seasons of fall and spring. I DO, however, have a friend who was on the brink of steroid shots and perhaps surgery to try to eliminate her debilitating allergies. She started taking this after I recommended it to her and now, has no problem. That's pretty amazing!

  • A. von Dohren - More fun around the house than a bigger one

    We were looking for a small Nerf gun for around the house. I stumbled across this one at a Toys'R'Us and I am glad I did. I didn't believe the packaging when it said it had the same distance as the bigger elite models. So I brought it home and sat against the far wall in our house. Man was I surprised when the dart hit the wall at exactly the same point my larger hail-fire did!

  • J. Craig - ... and winter and so far we've only had one bad cold and no serious sinus/chest congestion

    Have been giving to my 5 year old and 3 year old throughout the fall and winter and so far we've only had one bad cold and no serious sinus/chest congestion. They LOVE the flavor and ask every morning (which helps me not forget!)

  • racheal - good visual effects but this isn't the story line I ...

    It was okay, good visual effects but this isn't the story line I was expecting. I would have written this a lot different. Would have included the original movies more into a new age of the Ghostbusters, where these new ladies where maybe the students of the original Ghostbuster which I did see in the film. I wasn't looking for a revamp version of Ghostbusters but more of a continuation of the beginning story. With new evils for the new cast to battle a long with help from some of the older original Ghostbusters.